8 types of men that women find irrisistible

image1. The child loving man

A man who genuinely loves children.



One of the most captivating qualities a man can have is the ability to get along with kids, relate to them in their language and play around with them just like a little kid himself.

it brings out his younger, cute, boyish side and it definitely makes you realise how wonderful a dad he may be sometime in the future.


2. The funny man


A man with a good sense of humour. There’s hardly a dull moment when Mr. Funny bones is around. He seems to light up the place once he strolls in with his interesting stories, quips, and good natured jabs.

He’s all about having a good time and he sees humour and positivity in a lot of situations.

You can count on him to bring a smile to your face whenever you’re having a bad day.


3. The Alpha male


A man with good carriage, poise and confidence.

When he walks into a room, heads turn. When he speaks, he commands respect.

He may only be 5,2 but his gait makes him look 7 feet tall.

Ladies are automatically drawn to him. Children look up to him. Men want to drink beer with him.

Just being associated with this man alone makes you feel good.


4. The adventurous man


This is the man with a taste for excitement and adventure.

Even unadventurous stay at home Stepford wife kinda women are attracted to him.

A man who dares to push boundaries and live on the edge once in a while.

It’s for this reason that  a lot of ‘good girls’ are drawn to ‘bad boys.’

There’s something alluring about a man who kows how to stir things up a little and who brings a dash of novelty to your life.


5. The handy man



A man who knows how to fix things and goes about it with flair and passion is a very interesting man to look at.

Ladies love it when things go wrong and they have a man around who they’re sure can save the day.

Watching him work, plumb, drill, or mend stuff just makes you wanna swoon.



6. The courteous man


A man who naturally opens doors and offers his hand to help a lady cross a puddle or climb over a rock is quite charming, especially when he doesn’t have to be prompted to do so.

No matter how mucho he is, this shows that he has a very sensitive and affectionate side.


7. The car man


He’s the man who’s good with cars and directions.

A man who knows a thing or two about fixing cars and who easily understands how to navigate

roads is extremely sexy.

It makes a woman feel taken care of and guided.


8. The protector man


A man who genuinely protects you from harm.

Call him a knight in shining armour. In the movies a lot of scenes depict men rescuing ladies in distress from villains and mishaps. Girls find this to be the sweetest, most attractive thing in the world.

Off screen, in reality, life’s hurdles replace mishaps and unpleasant people replace the villains.

There’s noting more endearing than a man who’s capable of defending you or standing up for you in public.





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