Have you ever had that perfect meal? Food that drives you mega insane. It contains just the right amount of this and that.

Scrumptious. Beautiful.

Delicious spurts of aromatic flavour that linger long after they melt in your mouth.

Outta world food leaving you feeling warm and tingly all over.


Minutes after the meal you just want to lie there relishing and reliving every sensational morsel that caressed your tongue and lips, cascading gently down your throat and into your pleasure midriff.

You just wish the sensual taste experience would last forever.

It’s ethereal. It sends you to a seventh heaven and you catch a glimpse of nirvana.

You’ll cherish this moment for ever.

Then you’ve just a had a foodgasm.

A foodgasm is the most fulfilling food experience a human can experience when eating. It doesn’t come easy and not every one gets to feel this unique sensation in a lifetime.

This festive season and always, Nekita wishes you the most intense FOODGASMS ever.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance.




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