Love resolutions couples should make in 2015


Yeah, yeah, we all know you’re going to give up smoking (again), drink less, eat less and save more this year, but how about making some New Year resolutions that will put a saucy sparkle in both of your eyes?

Here are just some ways that you could start your relationship off with a bang this New Year… 


  1. Understand and enjoy the differences between you and your partner rather than try to turn them into ‘Mini-me’. Two ‘mini-me’s’ makes for super boring bedtimes. If you like different things, you’ll encourage each other to try different things.

2. Sort out any problems in your sexual past so you can have happy sex in the future. It’s never too late to get help for a serious sex trauma and it’s definitely time to ditch any silly hang-ups kindly handed over by an insensitive ex. Your orgasm face is cute not frightening.

3. Touch each other constantly. Both sexually and affectionately – and make sure you both know the difference. If you’re never sure whether that kiss or cuddle is an expression of love or initiation of sex, you’re going to end up mightily confused.

4.There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. Everyone compromises. You let go of the tooth fairy. Now let go of this.


5. Be sensitive. When expressing ones self, think about your partner. Be tactful, be kind and hold back the really nasty stuff you’re desperate to blurt out in the middle of a an argument.


6. Have sex more often even if you’re not particularly in the mood to keep your libido purring and your partner happy. It’s been proven time and time again: the more often a couple have sex, the more often they want it.

7. Look the best you can so your partner loves the outside of you as much as they do the inside. We all love slobbing in front of the telly but there is a limit to how often you can both pull on the same old moth-eaten T-shirts and track pants. Even if you’re staying in Saturday night to watch a DVD, putting on a nice pair of jeans and top won’t kill either of you.

8. Make dates for sex rather than wait for it to happen. That way you both have something to look forward to! If you’re the low sex drive person, it will give you time to get in the mood. Do whatever it takes – drag out that dog-eared copy of Fifty Shades or watch a few cat videos on You Tube. Each to their own.

9. Instigate sex more often to make yourself feel powerful and sexy and let your partner know you enjoy it as much as they do.

10. Be brave and adventurous and promise not to crinkle your nose up at anything daring your partner suggests but you don’t fancy. How do you know you won’t like sex with a pair of Marigolds on if you don’t try?

11. Talk about and solve sex problems as they happen, rather than let niggly little things turn into big bedroom monsters. But choose your battles wisely and focus on all that’s good in your sex life, as well as what needs fixing.

12. Mix it up every single time. Change one of the following elements for each session you have: the time of day you do it, what room you do it in, what you’re wearing, what position you choose, who initiates, what the focus of the session is.

13. Start a ‘sex jar’ on New Year’s Day. It’s a golden oldie that works a treat. Each write down 10 things you’d like to try. Rip into separate points, fold and put all of them into a jar. Pick out one a week to try. (Insist on pre-approval before you pop them in if you think ‘Lure the hot 18-year-old next door in for a threesome’ will feature strongly.) Repeat when it’s empty.



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