Finally. SNL recognizes the Oscarsaresowhite


A lot of people have already noticed that the “Oscars are so white.”

You hardly hear of any black actors getting nominated.

Well, Saturday night live put a very funny and interesting parody together to highlight this fact.


Here it is; check it out.

SNL presents: The Oscars are so white!



SNL Parodies the Very-White Oscars Race by Giving Even More Awards to White People.

Firing on all cylinders, Saturday Night Live captured the Oscars’ diversity fiasco with a fast and furious parody of the all-white acting nominations last night in one of the season’s most outstanding satirical sketches. Hosting the “Screen Guild Awards,” Cecily Strong announced the nominees for best actor. Taran Killam, Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Bobby Moynihan and Jon Rudnitsky were shown in clips of black-themed films that revealed the white actors in increasingly diminutive cameos. To drive the point home, the camera then panned to the grinning nominees surrounded by their none-too-amused “co-stars.” In less then a couple of minutes, the sketch summed up #oscarssowhite and showed a broad audience just how it looks and feels to be minimized out of existence. The faux-film clips were masterly, too. That’s a big bravo to SNL.

You may have heard that the Oscars are so white, even when they recognize films with predominantly black casts (see Sylvester Stallone’s nomination for Creed, or the nominations for the white screenwriters of Straight Outta Compton). Luckily, SNL is on the case.




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