Survival tips for dating Lagos boys (Nigeria)

When you’ve lived in Lagos for most of your life you kinda forget that there’s a whole world out there and like 35 other states filled with people who don’t know much or anything about Lagos.

The hype is that Lagos boys are the coolest, ‘hottest’ boys in Nigeria.

Is this really true?

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A lot of girls in other states and even other countries are just dying to meet or date a Lagos boy. They believe Lagos  boys have got the right swag, savoir faire, and lead the most exciting lives.

A typical Lagos boy does feel like he does have an edge over others; sharper, smarter, cooler, and these are just some of the reasons why you need to watch out if you happen to find yourself dating one.

Here are some guide lines to surviving a typical smart ass Lagos boy

  1. Get an attitude

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You’re going no where if you don’t have an attitude.

Most Lagos boys have an attitude and they love spunky girls who’ve got an attitude too.

They are so used to girls oogling and throwing themselves at them that you’ve got to do the opposite.

You’ve got to sometimes act like you didn’t notice how handsome he was at all when he walked by, you’re ten times prettier (at least in your head) and you’ve got to have the kind of carriage that says you’re the girl who’s got it going on at all times. Like Queen Victoria and posh spice have nothing on you. And talk big, even if you are small.


2. Get a life

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You need to have your own thing going on at all times. It’s either you’ve got a hot shot job, you’re on your way to having one or you’re studying a hot shot course at a hot shot university. The key word here? Hot. You’ve got to show that you’re on fire. You’ve got it going on. You’re pursuing one hot project or the other, you have your own life, your own friends and you’re not going to stifle the Lagos boy’s life.


3. Tone down that make up

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There was an article written last year about how Lagos guys are now going for more natural looking women. Natural hair, looks and all.

Flashy loud girls with stunning outfits are actually a dime a dozen and a turn off even, now that guys are wise enough to spot a heavy maintenance artificial girl with money and a good time on her mind. Lagos guys have passed this level.


4. Don’t play hard to get for long

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Lagos boys live life on the fast lane. They like to drive fast, make money fast and they also like to get their babes fast. Too much ‘nyanga’ is gonna turn them off. They just don’t have the time. If you like them, say it. if you wanna date them, then date them. They love your feelings to be insinc with theirs at all times and they love the romance to flow naturally at a not very slow pace. If you drag it on and on you are gonna get seriously stung because he will begin to spite you and may decide to get revenge on you by getting you and then suddenly disappearing on you/ dumping you.


5. Love life

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The typical homely girl that just sits down in the home all day making meals and cleaning up is a myth to a typical Lagos boy.

Lagos boys love girls who are bubbling with life. Girls who love to party every once in a while, girl’s who are adventurous, girls who can dance, girls who love to try out new things, excercise, love to travel, and to attend special events together every now and then.


6. Don’t be greedy

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Lagos boys appear to have a very effective gold digger radar. They can spot one a mile off, and they’ll run. OR they’ll take you out, have their way with you and then treat you in that special way they say is reserved for ho’s.

Don’t be too demanding and don’t spend too much of his money when he takes you out even if he’s stinking rich.


7. Don’t be in the entertainment biz

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For some reason or the other, Lagos boys find actresses and female musicians to be a no go area. I once asked a male friend in the showbiz himself about this and he said “haven’t you noticed those of us in the entertainment industry don’t date them? They’re too notorious and ras. Lousy.” Lagos boys don’t have much respect or time for entertainment ladies. The philandering ones have given them all a bad name as the trifling antics they get up to precede them. Lagos boys just don’t wanna know.


8. Play the saint card

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Just like most Nigerian men all over the country, Lagos boys too do not like girls with a bad rep, or whose name has been sullied all over town.

They love nice, God fearing girls who haven’t dated many boys at all. They love girls who put family first and still have domestic homely values deep at heart.

Also try not to discuss your exes much with them.


9. Put your foot down at the right time

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If you let them treat you like a door mat that’s exactly what they’ll do. They’ll treat you shabby, grow to lose respect for you, then dump you.

Don’t go around looking for a fight every minute, but state your views and expectations calmly and yet confidently.

Lagos boys can be intimidating, but you’ll find that putting them in their right place will often work wonders.

Read between the lines.

Have a swaggalicious Lagos date!

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