Where is cute Kelly Osbourne now?

Not holding back: Kelly Osbourne has revealed her true feelings towards former E! News host Giuliana Rancic in a new interview with New Zealand magazine, Remix and said she will never return to Fashion Police 

She famously quit Fashion Police after a racism row when co-presenter Giuliana Rancic said that actress Zendaya Coleman ‘probably smells like patchouli oil.’

And while 30-year-old Kelly Osbourne recently hinted that she would return to the show if Giuiliana left it, she has now changed her mind and told New Zealand magazine, Remix that she will never return. 


Meanwhile, Kelly also admitted to Remix magazine that one of her many reasons for leaving the celebrity style talk show, which will return to TV screens on Sunday for the first time since its five-month hiatus, was her desire for time off. 

She said:  ‘I haven’t been able to go on family vacations. I worked 52 weeks a year for going on seven years. Five and a half years at Fashion Police and before that with what I was doing before.

‘So really I knew whatever decision I made now was going to really reflect what I want to do for the rest of my life. So I took a break’ 

Grief: Joan Rivers died in September 2014 after the 81-year-old went into cardiac arrest during routine vocal cord surgery and Kelly explained her absence is a huge factor in why she's not planning to return to Fashion Police

The E! show’s main presenter Joan Rivers died in September 2014 after the 81-year-old went into cardiac arrest during routine vocal cord surgery. 

Kelly explained that Joan’s absence is a huge factor in why she’s not planning to return.

‘You try working with someone that you love and then going back into that same studio. I couldn’t, I didn’t want to. I was ready to go,’ said Kelly.

The former singer/songwriter – who hit the UK charts in the early 2000s with a host of singles including Papa Don’t Preach and Shut Up – recalled a touching anecdote, where Joan left her a message while they were on the same plane.

She said: ‘Joan made everything fun. Everything.

Cover star: Kelly flaunts her beauty prowess wearing a bold, fuschia pink lipstick, a feline flick of black eyeliner and lashings of black mascara

Kelly added that despite the mother-of-one having a dirty mouth, she was the most kind-hearted individual.

She said: ‘That was the thing about Joan, she never forgot anyone’s name and she was the most generous and kind person. She might have had a vulgar mouth but she was a true lady.’ 

 Figure-hugging: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's daughter sports a cut-out, Vivienne Westwood fitted T-shirt with risque duct-tape detail to the nipples with a Zambesi pencil skirt and Nike trainers

She added: ‘What people need to remember is that Fashion Police is not Joan Rivers’ legacy.

‘Joan Rivers’ legacy is the fact that because of her, her mouth, her jokes, and her comedy, it is okay for girls like me to say whatever the f**k we want.

‘And do you think women like Beyoncé Knowles would be such independent women without women like Joan Rivers? She was ground breaking, and there will never be another.’


Kelly Osbourne
Osbourne later announced she had joined Project Runway Junior.  The news was made on Osbourne’s Instagram account, and she even included a photo of herself along with the other members of the judging panel.


‘Australia’s Got Talent’ 2016 Kelly Osbourne Hated on Set? Makes ‘Diva Demands’

Now a judge on Australia’s Got Talent’ she has gushed about her friendship with fellow “Australia’s Got Talent judge” Sophie Monk, and also had nothing but enthusiasm for Australia’s talent pool:

“Australia’s Got Talent had been amazing. […] I have been blown away by the talent in this country and I’m so honoured to be a part of it,” said Osbourne. On fellow judge Sophie Monk, she has great things to say. “It’s so nice to work with a woman who is not competitive, we just have so much fun. You have no idea.”

Aside from her enthusiasm about the show and her fellow judge, positive news about the diva involved a visit to the Sydney’s Children’s Hospital. The star talked about her mom Sharon Osbourne’s bout with cancer, and why doing the rounds was significant to her.


Kelly Osbourne says she’s not an A-lister because she doesn’t ‘Put out more’ like some other celebs.

Image result for kelly osbourne australia's got talent

Kelly has really made a name for herself as a television personality ever since starring on The Osbournes with the rest of her family.

However, she says she could have been even more famous had she slept her way to the top like every other celeb!

Video: Kelly & Rebel Wilson Asked Justin Bieber Out On A Date!

The Australia’s Got Talent judge stopped by The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Friday to promote the reality TV show, but ended up telling the hosts that most celebrities have to endure “casting couches” in order to get famous, saying she’s not an A-lister because she doesn’t ‘Put out more’ like some other celebs.

We wonder which A-Listers she’s talking about??


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