Inappropriate things men should never say to women



Some men just don’t get it.

How to talk to a woman.

How to tell you’ve just said inappropriate things.

How not make a woman cut you off.

By now you’re probably thinking I’m talking about intimate relationships again.

No. actually I’m not. I’m talking about male friends and acquaintances who blurt out the wrong things all the time, making the lady friend they’re talking to just wanna obliterate him for the rest of her life.

I’m talking about guys who are completely clueless.

And also to guys who should learn to take no for an answer.

There is a crazy myth going around that when a woman says no she actually means yes.

Truth is to us females that’s just another term men conjured up in order to make themselves feel better when they’ve been turned down by a lady.

At least 90 percent of females mean no when they say no.

Now let me give you an example.


Anna meets James. Anna doesn’t like James at all. He is totally not her type and there is absolutely no form of attraction in anyway. She’d rather die old, childless and alone if he were the last man in the world. Get the picture?

ANNA                                                         JAMES


Now Anna likes James as a friend as he seems like a nice guy.

Anna exchanges numbers with James. Just to be in the friend zone only.

Now James calls Anna every other day. Anna never answers his calls.

James sends Anna text messages. Anna never responds.

James adds Anna on facebook. To be courteous and maintain a platonic friendship (and not to seem outright rude) Anna adds him back.

Now James sends Anna ‘inappropriate’ messages every day on facebook.

Reading his messages on her facebook messenger has now become an ugly task Anna has to face everyday.

James sends Anna long messages like this for example:

“My day was good. How was yours? Anyway I’m traveling for work soon. Anyways I miss U… I mean I av not rily had the opportunity to meet or to know U…cos trust me…I wana meet the U as in…I wana know why U are called Anna.”


“Wondering if the smiling emoticon I sent you makes you smile…cos I read it after posting and I liked it cos it made me feel good…anyways dearie…I will holla back…blowing U swt XXX okay?”

And when he gets no response.

“Anna are you there?…”


“Anna is this fair…I even tried reaching you severally here on FB and even your phone but all to no avail…



Finally she feels sorry for him and replies him once and he starts to send her messages like this:


“So well, well…mmph. I was gonna ask…what time of day do you consider yourself less busy…weekends, weekend nights…Monday eveningsetc I sincerely, I am asking becos I am actually wondering if I could find your soft spot…I mean that spot that could make you tingly…


“Can I ask you a question? Does it make you uncomfortable when I make passes at you?”

Duhhhhh so he is not a complete idiot. Then why can’t he stop? Must Anna be outright rude to him before he stops?

“Am I out of line?” he persists.

Finally Anna replies, “You are always out of line. It seems to me that you do not know how to communicate with women.”

“Oh… I’m shocked. Can you teach me then?”


Well this post is for men like James.


If a woman likes you it won’t take her months to reply your messages in monosyllables.

She is just trying to be friendly and not completely rude and that’s why she is answering you at all. Yes she is stretching herself. She is being kind. Don’t push it and don’t over step boundaries.

Learn to understand how a woman feels about you without her having to punch you in the face and be outright aggressive with you.


You have just seriously reduced any chances of being good platonic friend with this lady at all.


Here are some other equally inappropriate conversations between men and women:



This one occurred on FBK messenger:

Andy: “Hi Angela, any plans for the weekend?”

Angela: Yes. To rest.

Andy: Rest and do nothing. Ok I’m coming over.

Angela: Funny. Is that supposed to help me rest?

Andy: Keep you away from boredom. I was born to make sure people aren’t bored.

Angela: My dear, I never said anything about being bored. Resting doesn’t mean you’re bored.

Andy:   You’re chilling alone right…you need company… you can smile to yourself or make yourself smile.

Angela: Nope. I’m not in the mood for company.

Andy:   Ok, I’m coming over to cook for you then leave after cooking. A humble request from a gentle soul.

Angela: Funny.

Andy: Please don’t say no, you might have me eating piles all day. When my request is not accepted I eat piles, burgers and grow fat.

Angela: Haha.

Andy:   Accepted. The choice is yours. Have me with a six pack or fat with a stomach.


And Angela ignores Andy and his messages for the next three years.

If you ask me she was being very nice.


Then of course there are the overly inappropriate gestures from male colleagues at the office.

Pretending to touch you our rub your arm by mistake.

Dirty Lingering handshakes.

And just breathing down your neck/face when talking to you at a distance way too close that should be reserved for lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other.


The choice is yours to take guys. Wise up and be in good stead or be clueless and be that guy that makes all the ladies cringe when he’s around or sends messages.

I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.



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