Get your writing MOJO back.

Get over the writing funk

A writing funk is when your head feels like heavy cotton wool each time you want to write.

Things are fuzzy, hazy, and you can’t seem to concentrate for long.

If you force yourself to write at this time what you write seems like crap.

If you are a little honest with yourself you don’t even feel like writing.

So don’t. Don’t force it.

Some people call it ‘writers block’.

It hurts and it’s painful for genuine writers because it feels as if they’ve lost it.

No writer wants to feel like that.

Here are some things you need to do to overcome the writing funk if you should find yourself in this situation. Most writers find themselves in this space every once in a while. I know I do.

Go on, get your writing MOJO back!

  1. Go on leave. This is the reason why some great writers in the past have said that writers should be rich, should have a comfortable place to stay, food to eat and space with which to think without having to work. Making money from writing is hard and people think it is an easier job than It really is. Not to say that you shouldn’t work, but don’t underestimate the space and freedom that writers require in order to do really good work.
  2. Take a very long one or go on vacation. If you have another job (as most writers do) the stress of work and commuting in traffic might be bringing you down. You need to free your mind from the confines and monotony of office work. No matter how you love your job, you really need to separate yourself from it sometimes. You really need to take a break and rest your overworked mind.
  3. Quit writing. Wait until it lights a fire in you and you have a burning desire to write, even if it means waking up in the middle of the night to do so. That burning desire that wakes you up at night and moves you to the write is the foundation of what most great books are written on. For a long time. Quit trying to make it work. Allow your mind to wander over different interests. Stop thinking about writing. If you do this you will eventually find the creative flow, that spark seeping back into your soul, when it’s time, when It is ready to come back. Follow your instincts. You will feel it coming back.
  4. Find your muse. Everyone has an activity or a sport that they do that relaxes them and makes them unwind. This is your muse. Find your muse. And let it inspire you after it relaxes you. It frees up your mind and body and you feel rejuvenated at the end of the day. You need to find what this activity is for you and do some more of it. Some people have several of such activities. It may be cooking, dancing, reading, watching TV, hanging out with friends, talking to a particular friend, photography, listening to music, jogging, hiking, or even sleeping! Sink yourself into mind relaxing activities.

That’s all for now. Good luck in overcoming that block!


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