SUBURGATORY (The review)


Suburgatory is one of the funniest comedies I have ever watched.

If you’re looking for something amusing that will keep you laughing and take your mind off day to day stress, then tune in.


The characters are completely unique and hilarious. Tessa is the ‘not too posh’ new girl next door who moves to Suburgatory with her dad and comes across the most bizarre, uptight, and superficial personality types ever. The town is full of rich folk who know very little about the world beyond their comfy cute little bubble.

Tessa becomes fast friends with Lisa who is the most level headed girl she meets even though she comes with her own paranoid and perky peculiarities too. Allie-Grant Lisa’s parents add even more depth to the series with their hilariously bizarre, dysfunctional yet functional family unit. suburgatory_anagasteyer_chrisparnell_featured_photo_gallery Lisa’s mother ‘Sheila’ is the ultimate stepford wife who keeps everything perfect and can sniff out a rat with her uncanny intuition. ana-gasteyer-as-suburgatorys-sheila-shay Sheila adores her equally ‘perfect’ son, and smothers him with love and attention, and Lisa resents her for this. parker-young


Dallas is the quintessential, pampered, ex beauty queen suburban housewife who goes through lengths to maintain her beauty, fashion, class and tries to tame her insensitive daughter Dalia all at the same time. d043ffff0a83e27e1011ad203ccc0cd27ef94cb71c5110622731f02c


Dalia is a whole new case study. She appears to be completely devoid of emotion and is a total blonde airhead who always gets her way. http___prod_static9_net_au___media_TV_S_Suburgatory_Cast_Carly_1024x576


Tessa’s dad is the typical good guy who’s trying to do the best for his daughter while struggling to fit into this crazy artificial town. SUBURGATORY - ABC's

Tune into this colourful, hilarious world that is Suburgatory and get your laugh on!







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