Our PRINCE will always reign…

The magnificence. The astounding theatrical musical performances. The adrenaline rush of dramatics. The man. The ingenious music. All that immense and amazing eclectic talent. No one did it better than Prince. He had no rival.

His music videos and stage performances were a mesmerizing, theatrical work of art to watch.

His music talent knew no bounds and continues to inspire new generations who watch him in awe and dream of becoming half the entertainment genius that he was.

For these reasons, we console ourselves as we swallow the tough pill that is the tragic news of his death yester, that the spirit of Prince will never die.

Let Doves not cry, let us instead celebrate an amazing life lived to the fullest.

Let us remember this remarkable man and all he stood for. Creativity, individuality. Change. The evolution of music. The radicalising of the way entertainment is perceived to be. The unapologetic celebration of SEX.

Let’s remember his greatest hits, Purple rain, When doves cry, Money don’t matter, Sign of the times, Raspberry beret, 1999, Kiss, Little red corvet, Let’s go crazy, The most beautiful girl in the world, Get off, Cream, his duets with Tevin Campbell, and all the other fabulous gifts he gave to us in the form of song.

Thank you for the music, thank you for inspiring, thank you for setting higher entertainment standards, thank you for propagating unique individuality, thanks for being unashamed. Thanks for liberating sex. Thanks for the sweetest and deepest music lyrics in the world.

Thank you Prince. It’s time for you to sleep, though your restless spirit will definitely soar.

Goodnight Prince. You reign in our hearts always…

A little insight to the man behind the music.

From ‘the mirror’ by Peter Ellis

Inside Prince’s bizarre life at Paisley Park

He was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and even had an area set aside which he had labelled The Knowledge Room. It featured a library of religious books.

With missionary zeal, Prince talked about his beliefs and how he had been door-to-door to convert non-believers. But when I asked him anything remotely personal, he was extremely brusque.

Questions about his childhood were met with: “I don’t talk about the past.”

On his relationship with his then girlfriend Bria Valente, he said: “Self interest is on the back-burner now.”

And on late friend/foe Michael Jackson, he simply replied: “Next question.”

Time for another surprise. “Come!” he said, and like an excitable Willy Wonka, he led me down corridors, lined with glinting platinum discs, to a lounge where his three talented backing singers, Shelby Johnson, Olivia Warfield and Elisa Fiorilla, were waiting by an ebony futuristic grand piano. I suspected they had been waiting for us for some time.


From BBC news:

In a statement, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said his deputies responded to a medical call at about 09:43 local time (14:43 GMT) and later found an unresponsive adult male in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios.

First responders tried to revive him with CPR but he was pronounced dead at 10:07.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside Paisley Park. US President Barack Obama said the world had lost a “creative icon”.

Prince had a mercurial relationship with technology. In 2000, he released singles via the pioneering music-sharing service Napster, but he later declared the internet “completely over” and refused to allow his music on major streaming platforms.

A musical prodigy from a broken home, Prince famously wrote, arranged, produced and played almost all of his hit records.

But the Purple man’s purple patch really came with his first band The Revolution.

With them by his side, he wrote more than two dozen rock classics in a five-year flurry.

Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, 1999, Raspberry Beret, When Doves Cry, Kiss… At the same time, he dashed off Manic Monday for The Bangles and Nothing Compares 2U, made famous by Sinead O’Connor.

In the studio, he was unstoppable. But the magic really happened on stage. He would vamp, preen and tease an audience into a frenzy, then slay them with a quiet moment of crystalline beauty. He was a joy to watch.


He also wrote music for several artists – Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares 2U became a worldwide smash in 1990.

In 1984, he won an Oscar for the score to Purple Rain, a film in which he also starred.

Throughout his career he had a reputation for secrecy and eccentricity, once changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

In 2004, Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which said he “rewrote the rulebook”


Prince’s latest album, HITnRUN Phase Two, was released last year and he had been touring as recently as last week.

On 15 April he was taken to hospital after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. It happened just hours after he had performed on stage in Georgia. He was treated and released after a few hours.

Tributes have been pouring in from artists young and old, across the musical spectrum.

  • Madonna, who dated Prince briefly, described him as a “visionary who changed the world”
  • Chic guitarist Nile Rogers said there were “tears and love on our tour bus”
  • Singer Justin Timberlake: “Numb. Stunned. This can’t be real”
  • Guitarist Slash said Prince was “one of the greatest musical talents of my lifetime. Maybe of the 20th century”
  • Boy George: “Today is the worst day ever. Prince RIP I am crying!”
  • “I can’t believe it, I’m in total shock. So many wonderful memories,” wrote Lionel Richie
  • Musician and actor Wyclef Jean: “RIP to the King Prince thank u for inspiring me to be a Musician First and using this tool to heal people”
  • Mick Jagger said Prince’s talent was “limitless”, calling him a “revolutionary artist, a great musician, a wonderful lyricist”

“It’s such a blow. It’s really surreal. It’s just kind of unbelievable,” Aretha Franklin told MSNBC. “He was definitely an original and a one of a kind. Truly there was only one Prince.”

A tweet from Katy Perry reads:
A tweet from Brian Wilson:
A tweet from Nasa reads:




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