Stephen Hawkins. Movie review.


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Stephen Hawkins is a scientist who has won many awards and honours such as the Pius XI gold medal for science.

He has also won the Albert Einstein medal. Stephen Hawking was awarded Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth the II in person. So he is Sir Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. and has been globally recognised as outstanding and for changing the face of science as we know it today.

Stephen Hawking developed a mathematical proof for black holes. He proved Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Through math and science, Stephen redefined the Big Bang theory. Also Stephen Hawking proved the universe has no boundaries.

He has contributed so much to science undermining the fact that he had to battle with a lifelong disesease called…that destroys the….

He has written books such as “A brief history of time”, and “George’s secret key to the universe.”

The movie – The theory of everything is a story about Stephen Hakwing’s personal life.

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It’s about his rise in the scientific world and his relationship with his wife Jane.

We are also able to gain a deeper insight about his struggle with the debilitating ‘Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease.’

It is a good , interesting story well told, however there are too many loop holes in -between the story for my liking and that’s why I wouldn’t applaud this movie completely.

Too many details were left out. We never saw his wife pregnant nor how she coped with getting pregnant while juggling taking care of Stephen in clear enough details. We just suddenly hear her complaining that she needs more help. Fine, we get it. However we also see a sparse relationship between Stephen and his kids, family and friends after his marriage, and also the movie disappointingly ends after his separation from his wife without any indication of his life thereafter.

He married Elaine, his caretaker, after his divorce from Jane .

This omission of what happened next in his life gives people the wrong idea…or no idea.

Also the reason for his separation from his first wife was way too ambiguous and shoddy. Was it because he fell in love with his nanny? Or was it because his wife fell out of love with him and fell in love with another man? Or was it because she got frustrated with his situation? Are all the three children really his children or not?

It just leaves you guessing and wondering and wondering.

However, the cinematography was quite good, the actors were astounding to watch, it was as if they had really been there, you could actually feel Stephen’s pain as he transitioned from able to disabled. You could also feel Jane’s passionate love for him. It was quite an interesting story well told. We do generally get the picture.

And it is a movie worth watching.

I recommend it. Even with all the critique.

Ratings 7/10.






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