Amaka and Macmillan’s fairy tale wedding


True love still exists. These two love birds found it ten years ago and they made it official early this year.

The bachelorette eve was as elegant as the wedding itself and featured customized shirts for all participants. An intriguing and novel way to spend the eve.




The delicate dress that was inspired by flowers in the spring was effortlessly form fitting and unique in it’s simple yet undeniably glamorous style.




Even the little brides are rockin’ it.


Pretty in pink and white were the colours of the day.




For family members it was green.






And the reception groove at Bellus Court, off Town planning way, Ilupeju Lagos was on!!!



Macmillan left no doubt in anyone’s mind that Amaka was his Queen. His pride and joy.




The making of this love story in Macmillan’s words:

Our paths crossed in 2006. I was this fun guy who was enjoying every single moment of my time at the Redeemers university.

I had a lot of weird friends and I was quite popular on campus. The tricky thing about being this fun loving dude was how I did it all and still managed to maintain awesome grades!

The blessed day came when I had to unexpectedly go to the library to complete an assignment but didn’t really know my way around because I wasn’t a regular.

I got  the door and was about to open it when this effervescent, ethereal beauty – I mean, pure beauty pushed the door from inside and bumped into me. I was startled.

We stared at each other for some seconds and then I watched her as she made her way out of the library. In this unusual place I found myself in, I searched for my reading material and loaded my table with books in order to give that serious look.

And when I looked up I saw this same beauty walk in and I hoped and prayed she would come and sit with me. God answered my prayers. She did!

A lot of thoughts tumbled around my head as I imagined what I could say to her. Finally I heard myself say “Can I please use your dictionary?” and just like that, we got chatting. I called her every single day during the Christmas holidays that year.

Upon resumption it felt like we never went on break and I felt like I had known her forever.

She was this shy babe, timid and greeted everybody that passed by.

Without wasting time, I popped the question and this babe left me in cloud lala as she formed hard to get for almost a year. She eventually succumbed and we started dating in 2007.

We both learnt so many things from each other and sacrificed a lot too. It all paid off in the end. I left her in school when I finished in 2010 and while I was serving, I dared travel every month from Ebonyi state to come and see my beautiful damsel at the redeemers university many miles away.

Last year on the 1st of October which was the month of our 8th year anniversary, I pulled off a surprise proposal, thanks to the family and staff of Ebeano super market Lekki 1.

Fast forward to the 12th of March 2016 I married the most beautiful woman in the world who is also my baby. We find it hard to live each day without each other because we are both best friends. We vow to make this work till the end of days and also to enjoy ever step of the way under God’s guidance.




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