How to mourn a good book

It sounds crazy I know, but there are some books you just don’t want to put down. They are so intriguing and sensational that it’s as if the story just sucks you right in. It transports you to another world where the characters are alive and you feel like an actual silent spectator.

Some people when reading a great story try to save the end and read it slower so it takes a longer time to finish. Have you ever done this before?

That’s the mark of a spell binding story well told.

At the end of the book, just as in any other good relationship that abruptly comes to an end, you have no choice but to feel heartbroken. Why did it have to end? Why couldn’t it just go on forever?

You’ve been hit by a really good book.

I know I have several times, and it’s not easy letting go either.

Now in order to successfully get over the mourning period of a very good book, here’s what you must absolutely not do!


  1. Save the end of the book by reading the pages slower and slower. Even more so do not let the saving of the end pages drag on for weeks or for months. I’ll tell you why in a minute. When you do this the story begins to lose it’s steam. The climax and anti-climax lose impact. The thrill of discovery with each turned page gets watered down. Believe me I have regretted slowing down on finishing a lot of good books in the past. There are some books I did that to whose steam I shall never be able to get back. It’s just not the same.
  2. Stop yourself from mourning. Let it rip. Mourn. Groan and moan about how you’ll never be able to get such a good book to read again ever in your life. Then relive the special moments of the book and let it wash over you. Savour it. And then calm down.
  3. Don’t jump into reading another book immediately otherwise you will transfer the aggression and compare it with the other book. Yes as I said before it’s just like a relationship. Don’t do the rebound thing. Take your time to recover first. Find yourself again, love yourself again and then move on.



  1. Share the story with friends. They’ll appreciate your enthusiastic and contagious passion for it.
  2. Lend the book out for your friends to read too. Don’t be stingy. It’s even better if you are a member of a book club and can share the excitement with the other members.
  3. Get a special book for jotting down your favourite reads and write the parts of the story that touched you the most, the author, and the date you finished the book.
  4. Share the great story with caressmeblog!

Go ahead, let go and before you know it, another great book will come and sweep you off your feet once again like Prince Charming!


BEFORE                                                                       …..AND AFTER….




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