Making a murderer; documentary review

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It’s one of the most controversial documentary series in recent times. It is also a first of a kind production by Netflix that closely documents the lives of Steve Avery and his family in relation to his court cases spanning a period of over ten years.

Making a murderer is about a man who is wrongfully accused and who spends 18 years of his young adult life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s also about a second crime that he was arrested for once again, not long after his release.

The bone of contention is if he is really guilty of committing the second crime or if this is a heinous police government cover up and one of the most egregiously unjust acts against humanity in the world.

When you first start watching this documentary it appears to be just another boring criminal case, but the more you watch, the more you see and the more captivating and mind blowing it becomes.

This documentary will leave you questioning the American justice system like never before. A system that most of the world looks up to in admiration and imitation.

The way you view it will never be the same again.

In fact, it is quite shocking the extent to which human rights and personal freedom can be trivialised.

Now any one reading this will think that I am in hundred percent support of Steve Avery   but I am not. I am in one hundred percent support of justice and of a fair trial to each and every human being in the world.

Unfortunately, the police and the justice system of the Manitowoc area where Steve resided, whether Steve was guilty or not, exhibited such malpractice, unfair actions and an obvious outright contempt for Steve Avery and his family that you can only wonder how corrupt the law can be and how many more prisoners may be out there, incarcerated for crimes they never committed. Worse off for you if you have no money with which to defend yourself.

Police bullying, framing, falsifying of evidence and injustice are all up in the air in ‘making a murder.’

Some people believe that ‘making a murderer’ shows only a lopsided, one sided point of view.

Well of course it does! That is the very purpose of this documentary, to show the accused criminal’s side of the story, through his own eyes. To give the down trodden and oppressed a voice and a means of expression.

We already know what the law enforcements point of view is. That is made crystal clear from the onset. Now this is the other side of the coin; a story less heard and less told.

We all grieve with the aggrieved or hurt parties and for the families who lost a loved one, but pinning a crime on the wrong person only makes things worse.

What this could mean is that one or more criminals are at large and will have the ability to cause more harm  or damage to others in the near future.

People will find it very hard to understand the horrific impact of a flawed justice system until it hits them personally in the face, or close to home.

Considering the recent killings of black men in America and all, things aren’t looking too good for the American justice system already and now it’s even worse.

Making a murderer is deep, riveting and filmed ingeniously over the long drawn out court cases while it aptly captures the thoughts and feelings of the people involved.

You will feel a connection with the characters and with each unfolding episode as if you are right there.

Get ready to be disillusioned. Get ready to be pained.

This is a sad, sad story well told.

Ratings: 8/10

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