How to dye dreadlocks without breakage

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A lot of people are afraid or reluctant to dye their dreadlocks because usually dye comes with hair breakage.

So many have damaged their hair due to over dyeing or from the usage of wrong products or just from dyeing the hair with the wrong process.

Here are a couple of tried and tested tips to dyeing your hair nicely and without the fear of breakage.

  1. First tip is not to be afraid. The good news for people with dreadlocks is that locs are so naturally strong and healthy that it takes a lot to break it or damage it unless your hair is already unhealthy or in bad shape.
  2. You can dye your locs for up to twice a year with no fear of damage or breakage if you do it the right way.
  3. If you are bleaching your locs, it is advisable to dye your hair only once every two years because bleaching is harsh on the hair and can lead to damage if used often.
  4. You can risk dyeing your hair every year if you like or even after a few months spacing (if you do not like the colour of your hair for instance and  need to re-dye.) Mind you, you should only re- dye in the instance of an emergency such as for mentioned in brackets. I don’t advise anyone to dye their hair more than once a year generally no matter what. But you know your hair better than anyone else does and you should also know how much space to give your hair to breathe before you repeat the dyeing process.
  5. Now here’s the major tip: If you are afraid of breakage and do not want to bleach your hair then you can still dye your hair successfully. How? By dyeing your hair normally but with a twist. The twist is to rinse off the hair after leaving the dye on for about 40 minutes. Rinse the roots especially well just once with a good conditioner and not with shampoo. This rinse ensures your scalp doesn’t burn and your hair isn’t over processed. After you’ve rinsed it just once, then tuck your locs into a shower cap and leave the shower cap on for the next 4 -5 hours. When you do this, the dye will settle in your hair nicely and you’ll get a colour close to the one on the bottle of the dye. After four hours then rinse your hair twice with a conditioner. Mind you depending on the darkness of your hair, you may not get the exact colour you hoped for but something close at least, so the brighter your colour of choice, the better. If you insist on risking breakage and getting the exact colour of your dreams then it’s best to first bleach your hair, and then dye it. But this non bleach tip is a better way to avoid breakage especially if you already dyed your hair recently and wish to change the colour again. Before you try this method don’t wash your hair and make sure your hair has enough oil enough to prevent damage to the hair but not so much that the dye becomes sloppy and streaky on the hair. Also you may want to use a temporary dye for this. Temporary dyes usually give you colour with more depth than the permanent dyes. The colour will last for a shorter period though.
  6. The second tip to dyeing your hair without using any bleach is to dye your hair blonde. See original imageBlonde dye takes out the colour from your hair and gives you with 14 levels of intensity as opposed to other colours that give you only 6 or 7. Also you have a lower risk of hair breakage. For instance, if you want to dye your locs red, you first dye it blonde, then wait it out a few months or so (when you feel your hair is strong enough), then dye it the red colour you really wanted. You need to exercise a little bit of patience with this method because you have to dye your hair twice and give a spacing in between of a few months or so.See original image
  7. If you wish to save some hair salon money and dye your hair at home instead, then go ahead. Just be careful if it is your first time, follow the instructions on your dye of choice and as a first timer you could solicit the aid of a friend or a relative for the back of your head especially that you might not be able to reach or see easily. Make sure to use the gloves and protect your body and environment. I advise people to always try things for themselves, at least once. I always tell people that things are never as hard as they seem.  If you are diligent about it and succeed in dyeing your hair on your own it will save you a lot of hair salon money. But if you’ve got green thumbs with hair or if you wish to execute complicated colour streaks, blends, or highlights, then I advice you to visit a professional.
  8. Don’t dye your locs after you’ve newly locked them.
  9. Make sure to use a good quality dye. You may use up to two or three bottles of dye depending on the length and thickness of your locs.
  10. One last tip. For those who are yet to loc their natural hair but are about to venture on the exciting dreadlock voyage, it’s advisable to dye your hair in its natural state before you loc it as natural hair is easier to dye and retains colour better. Once you loc your hair it’s more difficult to get the precise colour tone of your dreams.


Below are a couple of great hair dye products below (can be used for both natural hair or dreadlocks):

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