How to remove dye from dreadlocks

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3 things

For whatever reason you may wish to remove the dye from your hair


Wash the dye off with a good, strong, deep cleansing shampoo. Condition the hair thoroughly with an equally good conditioner. Do this every week for a month before the second stage below.

Second stage; After the 4th shampoo and conditioner wash get yourself equipped with some great hair products that will aid the dye ‘wash off’ and also help to repair your locs that may be damaged from the dye. Even if you think your hair isn’t damaged it’s best to replenish it with rejuvenating products after dyeing or removing the dye from the locs.

Here are some of my recommended hair replenishment products. They do a kick ass job combined to replenish the hair and to keep it nourished and soft.


Condition your hair after shampooing with warm water and rinse twice. Put a shower cap on for a deeper conditioning and leave the conditioner on for twice as long as the bottle tells you too.

Next wash your hair thoroughly and deeply from roots to the loc tips with a mix of white vinegar and a small sachet or two table spoons of baking soda. Mix up with some hot water. This is your magic dye removal ingredient, so wash it well. Wash it over and over with the mixture for as long as you can, then rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse it for as long as you can too.

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Next deep condition your hair again with the ‘after shampooing repairer’ (sublime restructure) and cover for double the time on the bottle with a shower cap again.  Then wash it off thoroughly.

Next, diligently apply the ‘L’Oreal extraordinary oil’ butter to scalp and hair, then blow dry it so that the butter melts, then apply the Olive, Karite, and argan oils to your hair. Then add the dessange ‘extreme 3’ oils to your scalp and then cover your hair once again with a shower cap. Leave it on like that to steam and soak up into your scalp and locs for as long as you can. 5 or six hours is great.

By the time your hair dries after this rejuvenating regimen, your locs will be bouncy, full of life, and softer than usual.

Substitute these products with any good product that you know can do an equally good job.

I use these particular products for my locs because I live in Europe where it’s not easy to access products tailored for black hair or locs. When you live in such countries you need to be smart, creative and learn how to improvise. Trust me there is always a substitute for any hair care product. You may even need to be bold enough to learn how to mix some important oils, herbs, butters or creams for your hair by yourself.





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