Shea butter on locs?

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To butter or not to butter, that is the question.

Is it good or bad to apply shea butter to locs?

This is an age old debate among the dreadlock community.

Most people say any type of butter is bad for dreadlocks.

Most people say that anything weighty and with a lot of body is bad for dreadlocks.

Most are discouraged from using anything other natural oils for dreadlocks.

Well here is my verdict.

Good Shea butter and butter brands can be fabulous for locs.


Butter used the wrong way and with the wrong butter brand can probably damage the hair by causing a lot of muck and build-up. This is true.

See original image

However there are ways to use butter on the locs that leave the locs even healthier than before.

Butters add a good amount of moisture and fill the hair with much needed nutrients that bring the hair back to life, encourage growth, and give it bounce and also leave it feeling nice and soft.

When you apply butters to your hair use a blow dry to melt the butter into oil. This way it won’t leave any residue. Keep the locs under a cap for added value for a while. It would be like steaming the hair.

Now most of all, I always advice people to ultimately do whatever works best for them. If you strongly feel that shea butter or any butter is not good for you then stop using it.

I always encourage people to at least try something once. Be adventurous. You never know what you might find out might be of good use to you. Plus hair types are so varied that what works for one may not work for another.

The dreadlock industry is still so new that there is still so much to discover.

So go ahead and explore. Find out something new.

Be bold. Have fun with your locs.



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