Why we love Zoe Kravitz

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Not only is her dad Lenny Kravitz – THE amazing rock legend and actor, but her mum was the coolest Cosby kid ever. Lisa Bonet made being young, different and radical look really good. Just ask her husband Jason Mamoa who was so hypnotised by her TV character that he decided he had to meet her.

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As if all that isn’t awesome enough, Zoe hypnotised us all when she acted as Angel in ‘only the best X-men movie ever’ – Xmen first class, and then she sealed the deal when she appeared in the crazy mind boggling movie – Mad Max. She also acts in Divergent. PLUS she has one of the most enviable modelling careers in town.

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She’s cute as a button with a quiet strength about her.

She looks like a sweet combination of both parents and her fashion sense is an ultra modern fusion and extension of her parents’ eccentric styles.

What is there not to love about this lovely, budding cutie pie?

Zoe was the face of the Vera Wang fragrance, “Rock Princess”. [November 2009]

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Zoe’s paternal grandfather, Sy Kravitz, was from a Russian Jewish family, and Zoe’s paternal grandmother, Roxie Roker, was of African-American and Afro-Bahamian descent. Zoe’s maternal grandfather, Allen Bonet, was African-American, and Zoe’s maternal grandmother, Arlene Litman, was of Polish Jewish and Russian Jewish descent.
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And I leave you with this quote from her:

“We can change the world

It’s an easy dis when people don’t want to like me and want to say that I’m a brat. You have people who only want to be your friend because of that, or you have those who say, ‘Oh, Zoe thinks she is so cool cause her dad is…”
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