Becoming an adult is overrated

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It’s true. And a little bit disappointing actually.

I look at certain friends of mine at times and I wonder.

There’s no magic in you. There’s nothing sensational about you. (And not in a bad way)

I used to think that adults had all the answers. But they don’t.

A lot are totally clueless even.

But you’re an adult. And when I was small I was told that the world of adults was magical and fantastical. A world I would only be privileged to enter when i reach so so and so….or achieve so so and so…

I’ve met adults from all walks of life and there is nothing. Absolutely nothing superhuman about them.

It’s disappointing. For a child who wanted to become an adult so desperately.

Little kids look up to adults so much. Look up to being adults so much.

Always being told you can’t do this or that unless you’re grown up, or you can’t disrespect adults, or elders.

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Or in order to be grown up you need to be this and that…

But what does it really mean to be a grown up?

What’s the difference between grown ups and kids?

I look around me at grown ups and I see a lot who still behave like little kids.

A lot of adults do childish things.

I also look at those who try very hard to act grown up and over do it.

What are the grown up things to do?

Independence? Freedom? Financial stability? Marriage?

I know a lot of adults who are totally dependent on others and who are enslaved in mental chains.

So what really is the difference between an adult and a child?

Are adults really just bigger kids or kids who have been trained to think in a certain way?

I think the state of being an adult is a thing of the mind and has no bearing on your age.

I’ve seen 60 year olds who behave very immaturely and shockingly irresponsibly.

And then in terms of fulfilling ones dreams and passions ;

In the end you come to realise that you still have to tap into your inner child In order to live a satisfying life.

I’d say we need to find a balance between being kids and adults.

We need our Inner children and we need our outer adults too.

Being an adult really sucks sometimes.

It’s good to be able to be childlike. Even when you are in your 60’s.

It’s the best way to live.

The only way.

So bearing this in mind; never squash a child’s dreams.

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Children have a sense and natural instinct for things that adults will never be able to understand.

As we grow into adults we are taught and forced to forget what it is to be a child.

We are told that it’s wrong to be a child at a certain age.

It’s wrong to play games and believe in certain childish dreams.

Stephen King once said, “Sometimes I think that growing up is more a period of forgetting than learning.”

Don’t forget yourself. Don’t forget who  you are.

Done bun can’t be undone.

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