How to preserve your vegetables longer

  1. First you need to keep your fridge constantly between +2 or +4 degrees. This is the best temperature for storing veggies and food stuff.
  2. Next for vegetables – cut them, wash them, and then toss them into some freezing cold water on your way to blanching them. Add some ice blocks to the veggies if you can.See original image
  3. This works for fruits too.
  4. Leave them to get cold for about 10 minutes.
  5. Then take the veggies out and pat them dry with a clean napkin or serviette. The drier they are the better. Moisture grows fungus quicker.
  6. Next toss your veggies into a can preferably with a cover or nylon wrap and preserve them in your freezer. This way they can actually stay fresh for up to two months or even more.
  7. This blanching method of storage is best for when you have bulk veggies and you don’t want to use them up all at once.

NB Mind you if the veggies are already over ripe there’s no need blanching them. It’s best to cook them.

If the veggies are turning grey or mouldy then they belong in the bin! Never compromise with fresh vegetables. Forget about how much it cost, and get rid of the bad ones immediately.

Remember to always wash your hands clean before handling vegetables.

Stay clean, stay cool, stay healthy.

See original image


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