Easy and tasty ground nut soup recipe

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I have to be frank with you.

I can’t remember who taught me this recipe.

I’ve just known it for many years and it’s so easy and the results so tasty.

When I was living in Lagos, making it was so easy peasy.

In Lagos there are people who grind food stuff easily for you and dirt cheap at the local markets.

Now in France I have to grind the ingredients by myself.

It’s still easy though.


Just pop all the following ingredients into a grinder (not a blender. the groundnuts could spoil the engine of an ordinary blender) together:

5 large tomatoes.

1.5 kilogram bag of peanuts

3 red peppers (poivron rouge)

And that’s it. Pop ’em all into a blender and grind them all together.


  • Use groundnuts that are salted or not if you want, just make sure if they’re already salted not to add too much salt to the soup later on.
  • Mind you, the ground nuts should already be roasted. You can get some at any local supermarket.


Set a casserole on the burner and pop in a table spoon of olive oil. Then pop in all the above ingredients that you’ve ground.

Cover the pot and just let it simmer on a low fire.

Just keep stirring it though every few minutes to make sure the bottom doesn’t burn.

Add 5 tablespoons of peanut butter to the mix and season with salt and black pepper to your taste.

Don’t add any other spice to  it.


Next add some lamb meat or cow tongue (trust me these are the best meats that go with it)

Make sure the meat is well boiled, tender and then fried.

Pour in the meat broth and the soft fried meat.

Leave it all to boil for 40 minutes (but keep mixing or else the bottom of the pot will burn)

If in doubt you’ll know the food is cooked when the oil from the groundnut begins to bubble up over the surface.

Then  you’re done.

That was the easy part.

Soup is done, but the side dish is yet to begin.



I recommend spinach, seasoned and boiled for all but 5 minutes.

AND pounded yam.

If you have a mortar and pestle this shouldn’t be too hard.

Simply boil the yam until it’s super tender (to the point of falling apart when you fork it)

Then mash it in the mortar until it begins to get stretchy.

Kinda like the texture of mashed potatoes or Haligot.

Pounded yam is the best accompaniment for Groundnut soup with some spinach on the side.

And on this note I have to add a fail proof trick. For those of you like me, living in countries where you can not easily lay your hands on a mortar and pestle – try mashing your yam on a wooden chopping board. It works as well as using a mortar too although it might take a longer time.

(I do not subscribe to poundo yam. Simply doesn’t taste as good as the real deal)

Some people cook their ground nut soup with vegetables inside but I prefer the veggies as a side dish.

I like the clean delicious taste of the soup without unnecessary condiments and not too much oil or palm oil.

If you like it too then you’ll love this healthy recipe.

Don’t forget that groundnut contains oil already so it’s too much to ask for to add more oil to it than necessary.

Try this recipe and let me know how it goes.

Good luck and happy bites!

I leave you with my group of happy customers chowing down on my Ground nut soup and pounded yam.


Main dish of the day: Pounded yam with ground nut soup and spinach served on the side.

Entre: Plantain balls with fried egg and salad.

Dessert:  Coconut tarts and Grilled honey glazed pineapples.





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