Cats are as loyal as dogs.

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I’ll tell you 30 strange but true things that most people don’t know about cats.

Most people are of the bias that cats only show loyalty to the next best meal ticket. This is so far from the truth.

Cats are just as loyal as dogs are. They may not be strong enough, they may not be big enough, but they do express their loyalty in a different and unique way.

Most people grow up with a  general sense of what a dog is and what makes them tick. Only a few grow up with extensive knowledge about the ‘whys and wherefores’ of cats. Hence the misconception borne of lack of understanding about these cute and cuddly furry creatures.

I’ve read about the cat room test.

The scientific test that places a cat in a new room and observes the reaction of the cat when the owner leaves and re enters the room.

The result of this test is said to prove that cats have no emotional ties or feelings to their owners because the cat doesn’t bat an eye lid when the owner leaves or enters the room.

Also the cat totally ignores the owner while sniffing about trying to understand its new environment.

I’m guessing a dog would’ve run to its owner for comfort if placed in a similar situation.

But that’s the thing that I don’t understand how these test making scientists don’t understand.

Cats are independent animals by nature so their first instinct is to ‘handle their business’ without running to the caregiver all scared and distraught over every little thing.

And the other thing they don’t understand is that cats are highly perceptive and intelligent animals.

A cat that loves and trusts it’s owner will not be afraid to be placed in a strange room alone for a few minutes, because they know that in the end the owner will come and get them.

Heck, any pet owner has probably done that to their cat many times before. A cat gets used to it.

It’s so logical it hurts.

And then, on the other hand, I don’t know what types of cats they are testing because each time I take my pet cats out and leave them with other people they run ballistic.

They do not like being taken away from their owners or from the people they love.

They don’t like it. At all.

If a cat didn’t like its owner and is just pretending to show affection for food, then why don’t they leave and go live outdoors? They can hunt, they can mate, they can be free.

Instead they prefer to stick around. That says a thousand unspoken words.

Just because a cat was born with an expressionless face doesn’t mean the animal has no emotions or feelings at all.

To suggest that is quite absurd, and I know many cat owners who would agree with me.

I have two cats and they both behave in totally different ways just as human beings have different personalities, well so do cats.

I have a cat that jumps up and runs to me (just as a dog would run and wag his tail when the master comes home)  whenever I enter the room. Especially if I’ve been away for a long time.

Try as he might he cannot mask his delight each time he sees me.

And trust me he knows I’m not bringing food to him.

His name is Silver. Silver has a very emotional personality. He is so emotional, expressive, affectionate and needy in a cute way that you’d think he was my real child.

Silver is very playful and active. He can’t sit still for a minute.

Then I have another cat named Ginger who is calm, quiet, less emotionally expressive.

He barely moves when I enter the room. And yet, from the way his head snaps up or his eyes dart across to watch me, I can tell that he’s excited to see me.

Ginger is lazy, proud and doesn’t like to move about much for no serious reason.

And yet, each time I leave Ginger for a while with someone else to take care of him he freaks out.

Till today he runs away from my in laws whenever they come around just because we left him with them for a week once when we travelled.

He begins to tremble when he sees them now.

Ginger has separation anxiety. He starts to act strangely and practically falls ill whenever we are separated.

Now if this is not evidence that cats get attached and loyal to the owners that they love then I don’t know what is.

Here are two cats with two totally different personalities. Just like humans they react differently when faced with similar situations.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about cats it’s that just like little kids to a parent, cats take on the behaviour of their owners as the years roll by.

If you are affectionate, loving and loyal to your cat then he will grow to be like that back to you.

If you are cold to them, they will be cold back to you.

Cats have the weird inclination to copy what their owners do. Hence the term, copy cat.

Just like little children copying what the adults do.

Here are ten strange but true things I’ve learned about cats after over 30 years of living with them.

  1. Cats are very very intelligent.
  2. Cats are intuitive.
  3. Cats have super human powers. They can smell a rat (lol) They can smell for miles, they have abnormally high photographic memories and of geographical locations.
  4. Cats who love their owners will never leave the home for a long period of time.
  5. Just as you can teach a dog a trick that a cat can never learn, so can you teach a cat a trick a dog can never learn.
  6. Cats can be trained with a little patience and kindness.
  7. Cats are perceptive.
  8. Cats hate little children because cats are intelligent, perceptive and intuitive enough to understand on sight that these little creatures will not take care of them like an adult will and might step on them or rough handle them. Cats know exactly what children are. Underdeveloped human beings. They understand that they are not mature adults.
  9. Cats hate to bathe in water but are fascinated and spell bound by water.
  10. Cats want to peep into your toilet and understand how it works.
  11. Cats are often fanatically jealous of their owners affections towards other cats.
  12. A cat may attack and kill a new cat if jealous.
  13. Cats are natural born killers.
  14. Cat scratches and bites are m************ painful.
  15. There is such a thing as feline HIV
  16. Cats love to sleep.
  17. Cats are very clean animals and easy to potty train and to keep clean. (except for when they fart. You can’t get rid of farts.)
  18. Cats grow to have a hazy but sharp understanding of the human language and it’s at times alarmingly accurately.
  19. If you don’t talk to your cat your cat will never understand your language. (could understand your body language though.)
  20. Cats are independent loners. They hate new comers unless they grew up with them.
  21. Cats often mistake their loving owners for their parents.
  22. Cats are very loving, affectionate and loyal.
  23. Cats can be super protective to their loved ones and fight off any imminent or threatening animal danger. (see viral video where little cat fights off a dog and saves a toddler).
  24. Cats are like a lost midget tiger species.
  25. Cats can read your mind.
  26. Cats are moody.
  27. Cats love milk to death even if it gives them the runs.
  28. Cats can read your moods and know when you are sad, angry, happy, excited.
  29. Cats are great at comforting you when you’re down. They even give you their paw to hold on to for comfort sometimes. (Lending a helping hand or paw).
  30. I guess it’s all this extensive knowledge of the amazing depth, intelligence and foresight of cats that’s what maybe spooks some African tribes into believing that cats are mysterious and mystical creatures.

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So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned something about cats today.




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