Losing my locs. Picking instead of combing.


So a friend of mine said, ‘I can’t picture you with an afro. Won’t you look too ethnic where you stay in France? Why not relax your hair or get a haircut, something like Anita Baker.

To these sort of questions, my answer is this;

I am in love with the colour of my royal Nubian skin and the beautiful tight curly nature of my hair.

I only discovered this precious gift from God that is called natural hair and natural African beauty about 7 years ago and diverting from that is like finding gold and throwing it back into the ocean.

No can do.

When I first started my dreadlock journey I received so much scorn from my fellow Nubians that I would have felt bad and cut the journey short if not that I am a very strong person.

I dusted the scorn off my shoulders and forged on, knowing where I was heading, confidently.

I am not going to change my hair in order to try to look more or appeal more to Caucasians.

I am proud of my heritage, I am proud of my culture. And Wherever I am, boy am I going to let it shine.

Do you see Caucasian women going to Africa and changing their natural hair into afros or dreadlocks in order to fit in with the African world? I don’t think so.

So back to my beautiful Nubian hair that I have the pleasure to be enjoying and discovering every unfolding day.

Here is the result of my not combing out my natural hair after loosening my locs:

The difference is clear. It’s longer and fuller than the first few locs I loosened and combed.


This time I picked the hair with the end of a comb (pick) and I also used my fingers to detangle.

Worked like a miracle. It’s almost as if my locs were a protective afro style and I’m simply unravelling them. I’m seriously pleased with the results.

That single braid you see at the top of my hair is how short it got from breaking when I combed if over and over again after unlocking. Major breakage.


Mind you loosening the locs takes a whole lot of patience and will power. It is no spring break.

You must be dedicated and softly, gently take your time to loosen every single strand one by one. I find myself loosening just one or two locs in a day. Yes, it takes that long or else your hair will break and split if you rush and detangle roughly.

Patience is a virtue and my reward is the satisfying result at the end of each unravelled loc.

I learnt about picking natural hair and using my hands to detangle from the “Allienaturalz” youtube channel. She also has a blog called www.allie-naturalz.com.

The owner has had an afro for many years and shares many of her surprising secrets to keeping luscious lovely looking natural hair and hair styles. Her fro is to die for.

If you have natural hair, you may learn a thing or two from her.

Cheers for now.

I’ll see you again with more pics of my natural hair once I’m half way done.



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