Nekita’s Girl code: Guys that are taken

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Girls always want guys that they can’t have.

A taken guy is a man who is another person’s property. OPP. You can’t touch that!

Whether it’s his girlfriend, his wife, his life partner or his dog that he loves more than you.

He’s a time bomb ticking. Just don’t go there.


Unfortunately, a lot of women love to lust after stuff that belongs to someone else.

Like when we were kids, everyone wanted the cool transformers, the Barbie dolls, the Adidas sneakers…all the cool things especially when they see that one of their friends has one. They’ll start crying, “mommy, I want one too!”

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Even as women get older it still happens. If you walk by a store and you see a mini skirt you say you don’t want that, I can never wear that, but the minute you see it on a girl who’s like a ‘frenemie’ you say “I want that! Whatever that bitch has I want it!”

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Most women are attracted to a guy that has a girlfriend especially if she’s cool, because even if the guys is damn ugly the woman will be like, “Awwww he must be really nice or he must be really rich or he must have a  really big penis or something… and I want some of it.”

Women find it exciting and thrilling and you wanna pee on him like territorial animals and declare ‘yeah he’s mine.’

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Unfortunately guys flirt all the time even when they’re in a relationship. In fact it’s even worse when they’re in a relationship because it’s like they want to prove something.


Here are some signs for you to know if a guy is taken –

*He doesn’t call you past a certain time.

*He hangs out with you like Wednesdays at noon – that’s not prime dating time

*Or…(and this is our hottest tip) just ask. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

He might say yes or his answer might be no…a no is still no guarantee that he isn’t taken.

Sometimes just google him and you might find his wife online or a bunch of wedding photos…yes, guys can be that stupid.

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If you just found out that you’re the ‘other’ woman and you didn’t know before – in my professional opinion – I think you should break it off.

We make mistakes. Just end it immediately. He’s a liar. Only like 9 percent of those relationships end in him leaving his wife for you.

I don’t care if you’re in love with the guy, you should walk away immediately.

I once stopped being friends with a woman because she was a home wrecker. She met this guy, knew he had a wife and beautiful kids and thought that snatching him away from his wife and kids might be a healthy challenge. She wanted to see if she had the allure and seduction power enough to steal him away from his family. That’s the most evil thing a woman can do.

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He’s not your guy, he’s someone else’s guy.

How would you feel if someone takes your shirt and wears it to a party and you’re like – that’s my shirt! but you can’t wear it anymore now cause everyone thinks its hers. Yeah, you know, that awful feeling. That’s what its like when you mess with someone’s boyfriend.

You’re the girl who’s ruining someone’s life.

Image result for men with their wives

BAD girl!

Now ladies, how many of you have never lusted after Ex president Barack Obama or Mark Zuckerberg especially after seeing the lovely ladies they married? Fess up!!!!


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