Did you know? The coloured race ages better than other races.

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Yes. people with increased melanin content tend to, but not always, age better, and it is scientifically acknowledged.

The sun is most ageing. Melanin is produced in skin specifically to absorb parts of the light spectrum that damage DNA and other cellular components. This protective barrier impedes the damaging effects of the Sun that so often lead to conditions of the skin that manifest in broken elasticity. It is the breaking of this elasticity in the skin which causes ripple effects in the skin surface that make skin lose is appearance of lustre and shine.

Add ss to this cultural tendencies, eg many Black people have a wonderful tendency to moisturise even without the sun. Especially when they use vitamin E as a base of their moisturiser, they inadvertently add additional sun reflective properties to the skin that protect DNA from damage. Overtime these protective effects become evermore apparent and as such people with typically darker skin pigments tend to pass off decades below their actual age past say 40 upwards. This phenomenon is acutely observed when contrasting the skin of aged sunbathers and a dumbed users with those whose habits were opposite. Heavy Sun exposure without melanin protective properties or protective behaviours, tends to leave aged skin looking “ leathery” in texture.

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