Girl code: Bad boys

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It’s like a nasty itch. You know, if you scratch it’s just gonna get worse. It’s going to spread the itch all over your body and it makes you just wanna scratch the more.

That’s what bad boys are like. They’re like an addiction. A drug. They get you all racy and high and they make you feel very cool about yourself. On top of the world.

You get to be the girl dating the bad boy that all the other ladies want to date so bad.

It makes you feel so good that all the other girls envy you or hate you. They flirt with him and give him eyes and try to seduce him away from you. But no, he’s all yours.

Unfortunately dating a ‘bad boy’  usually lasts for just a fleeting moment and then just like a shiny new present the novelty all dies and they’re on to the next best shiny thing.


So who is this bad guy?

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He usually has a car or a bike when no one else has one.

He’s usually drop dead gorgeous, tall and rugged in an attractive way, but not all of the time.

He can stand up to parents or teachers at anytime. He respects no one.

He doesn’t have to be rich. He just posses this irresistible charm that makes you want to know him better even though he’s never going to let you in.

That mysteriousness that surrounds him just makes you want to get closer to him even more.

What lurks behind his mysterious façade?

Perhaps he possesses super human powers after the sun goes down?

Maybe he’s a vampire?

He’s going to give you all the excitement and action you need for the rest of your life.

He’s going to call up NASA and take you to the moon and back.

Your life will never be the same again.

Yes it won’t when he dumps you and you have to deal with a piercing, mind blowing heartbreak.

There’s no pain reliever for heartbreak yet you know?

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Speaking of heartbreak

Speaking of heartbreak, what are the chances that a bad guy is going to want to settle down with you?

Ummmm like 20 percent to none. That’s why they’re called bad guys. Get it?

Dating a ‘bad boy’ is the kind of thing you do when you’re young and stupid, so that you don’t have to do it when you’re mature and wise.

It’s like bingeing on sweets and chocolates like a kid all over and then throwing up later. You know you shouldn’t do it and them sweets might kill you but they’re so sweet you can’t help yourself.

But this time the sweets can give you genital warts or get you pregnant.

And when you take too much sweets you know you eventually have to go to the dentist and have it pulled or drilled and that can be traumatically painful. It’s just as bad as the pain called ‘heartbreak.’


A lot of those women who do surprisingly end up marrying their bad boy sweethearts usually live to regret it. They’re the husbands who continually cheat on you, tell lies, pretend, and treat you much less than you deserve.

The remaining 2 percent end up happily ever after as the bad boy matures and settles, gets a job and starts to follow you to church.

So why do you want to go down that road?


How to get out of the deadly cycle of dating bad boys:

It’s like asking how to stop eating sugar or chocolate.

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*Don’t keep any in your fridge – (don’t invite a bad boy to your home)

*Avoid the chocolate section of the supermarket – (steer away from the kind of nightclubs or joints where the local bad boys hang out.)

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*Don’t ever say, oh let me have just one more bite it won’t kill me – (You’re cruising for a bruising. If you kiss a bad boy on the lips even just once you’ll be longing for more forever.)

*Eat other types of foods that take your mind off of chocolates – (Try dating other ‘nice boy’ types. Give it a try. Try nerds for example.)

*Don’t be friends with other girls who eat chocolate. – (cut off your girlfriends who date bad boys and get you into trouble all of the time.)

*Stop watching ‘Twilight’, ‘True blood,’ ‘The originals,’ and ‘Vampire diaries.’

*If all the above don’t help you, then get down on your knees and pray!

Cheers beautiful ladies! And until next time, stay away from them baddies!!!!


2 thoughts on “Girl code: Bad boys

    • Good question. It’s a chance worth something definitely if deep inside your heart tells you you’re right. Go with your strong gut feelings. They’re usually right. And who are we kidding? When someone truly loves us, deep down inside we know.


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