Facing the real world

Hi, my name is Alexandria Azimi. I am a lawyer and an author.

I am the last born of a family of seven. I was pampered as a child thus entering the real world was a challenge. Born into a strict catholic home where morals was of upmost importance. I had to struggle with the fast racing world and the virtuous teachings of my mother.

I was head over heels in love with my first boy friend in university excited after my first kiss with him but I was disappointed when our relationship ended because I refused to compromise my virtues. I thus threw myself into my studies and ended up graduating as a lawyer.

I met my husband after law school. We were introduced by our families. I faced lots of challenges in my marriage. Physical and verbal abuse and spiritual attacks. But God has been ever faithful and ever sure. I have risen above every challenge because I cling to my faith and belief.

There were good times don’t get me wrong. Like seeing the children play and family vacations. But one thing I know I keep struggling with is my self esteem and lack of confidence in myself.

What I have learnt about life is that you need to create your own happiness and learn from people who inspire you.


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