Extraordinary women: Celebrating Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux Macron


Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux Macron is from the wealthy and famous family owners of the five-generation Chocolaterie Trogneux in France.

She teaches literature at the elite Lycee Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Paris.

She is also the woman behind the newly elected President of France.

Brigitte Macron played an active role in her husband’s campaign; a top adviser was quoted as saying that “her presence is essential for him”. Macron stated that upon his winning of the French presidency, his wife “will have the role that she always had with me, she will not be hidden”.

Brigitte is still a great lover of literature and theater, and frequented many personalities of culture, from Line Renaud to the writer Philippe Besson and Pierre Arditi who murmurs that it was she who introduced her husband into the cultural microcosm of Paris – an asset and an intermediary with the world of culture and arts that could be valuable to him in the future.


This brave and exceptional lady has been the brunt of the highest forms of criticism ever since her husband – Emmanuel Macron decided to run for Presidential office in France because of the age difference between them.

I find the unnecessary ‘circus’ surrounding these critiques a sexist double standard, so I’d like to make a few pointers about why people really need to leave this couple’s love life alone and focus on the more important issues at hand like Macron’s avid dedication and passion to bettering the French economy and the European economy as a whole.


  1. The controversial commencement of their love affair. Macron gave a speech to the French public before running for presidential office to clearly explain the fact that even though he met Brigitte as a teacher when he was sixteen years old, they in fact did not begin to have a relationship until he was eighteen years old or more.
  2. Faithful. Loyal. Steadfast. Macron has only loved one woman for all his life. He knew what he wanted and went for it. Macron has been dedicated and faithful to Brigitte for over 20 years now, so much so that the media rustled up a rumour that Macron was gay and having an affair with radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet. A false rumour that has been debunked. gettyimages-650502432-mr_cwaqv3f
  3. The kids love him. Brigitte’s kids who are mature adults themselves adore Macron.The former economics minister is step-father to his wife’s three adult children, including son Sebastien who is two years older than Macron.Daughter Tiphaine, 30, is a lawyer who worked on her step-dad’s campaign.

    She reportedly described Macron as having an “exceptional personality” and being an “intelligent man.”


  4. Obama said so. This pointer is for Nostalgic Obama fans. Obama was rooting for Macron. End of story.Image result for obama with macron
  5. Macron’s fiery passion. You have to admire Macron’s tenacity, just like his heart-warming passion and undying love for his country. Which woman wouldn’t want such a loving and dedicated husband like Macron regardless of the age difference anyway? Women always complain about men not treating them right, about cheating or one problem or the other, and here is a man who puts his woman up high on a pedestal. What’s there not to admire about Macron’s loyalty to his wife?
  6. The sexist, misogynistic double standard. Trump who is 70 married a woman who is 46 and yet it wasn’t a big story. The mother of Mel Gibson’s most recent child is 26 and he is 60. Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles who is older than him and the world has gotten over it and accepted that the two love each other unconditionally and add value to each other – so also will the world  get over the ‘Macron-Brigitte’ saga sooner or later too. Love always prevails regardless of age. There are many other stories of great love affairs with unusual age differences ; for instance the – Bianca and Ojukwu Nigerian love story.


Macron and Trogneux are no less the French political story of the day, at least as far as the non-French media are concerned. That’s because a man dating a much younger woman is far more common than the other way around. We’ve come to expect men to take on younger wives, even as we have a hard time thinking women will take on younger husbands — or thinking that younger men may even find older women attractive at all.



At the same time, the interest in Macron’s marriage may also have less to do with age difference and more to do with the circumstances of their meeting.

If she hadn’t been his teacher, their coupling would likely be less scandalous.
Of course, it’s too late to ask whether this would have made a difference in Macron’s election; he’s the candidate after all, and not his wife. But people will still gawk and talk: The private lives of our politicians have always held fascination and in many cases, can foreground relevant issues for the public. In this case, however, his marriage seems to offer little insight that would impact Macron’s ability to lead, nor clues into his moral code.
Which makes its “newsworthiness” now most certainly political — and to be taken, like any other ‘private-lives’ political coverage – with a grain of salt. Of course, as the Independent points out, French politics or French politicians are certainly not immune to scandal. Compared to Francois Hollande, who was caught having an affair with an actress 17 years his junior, or Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, who was rumored to have a mistress or two himself, Macron’s relationship is rather upstanding. He and Trogneux have been committed to each other now for more than 20 years.
That’s more than we can say of many other Presidents, though we won’t. That’s because it’s quite possibly the least concerning thing about them. As it is about Macron, too.

At 16, Macron left Amiens to finish his schooling in Paris, vowing to marry his former teacher. “We’d call each other all the time and spend hours on the phone,” she remembered. “Bit by bit, he defeated all my resistance, in an amazing way, with patience.”

It’s an unusual love story that reveals a lot about Macron’s determination and self-belief, says Anne Fulda, author of a new book on his rise.

Macron told her that he had “fought to live his life. It wasn’t easy, wasn’t the most obvious and automatic of lives; it didn’t match the established way of doing things.”

For years, the couple avoided publicity, Fulda says, but there was a subtle shift after Emmanuel Macron launched his presidential bid:

Macron delivered the message he’d come to convey – the launch of a new political movement, En Marche! (On The Move!) .

His proposed remedies include both economic reforms and his own infectious, upbeat optimism that France need not resign itself to continuing economic and social decline, especially as part of an EU competing together against other powers.

Macron worked as France’s minister of economy under Socialist president Francois Hollande, before breaking away and forming his own party En Marche!.

Transformation of France is what Macron wants – to stop extremism and make the world see the good face of France. He is leading a democratic revolution.

He wants to fix labour laws, to fix employment problems.

Macron plans to open up France’s economy, lifting restrictions on working hours and Sunday opening hours.

French youngsters who left France for England to work are now returning back home to France as they believe Macron will run the country differently. A lot of young people believe in him.

Macron believs in a strong Europe and wants to do the best for France.  He is the hope of the new generation of France that will change things for better.

He wants unlimited immigration but is not weak on terrorism – it is his first priority.

He will reportedly give Brigitte an office, staff and a budget – but no salary.

The former teacher is expected to focus her work on education reform, with biographer Candice Nedelec telling The Sunday Times: “She will concentrate on work for autistic and disadvantaged kids, out of the political firing line.”

Brigitte and Macron are a very brave couple who have endeared the worst simply because they fell in love with each other, however it’s good to see them forging ahead, living their dreams and staying strong.
I wish them the best and I am excited to see what Macron brings to the French political table soon.






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