The theme of the Nekita ink 2018 Extraordinary Women conference and awards is GAIN POWER.

What does it really mean to ‘Gain power’?

You know that you’ve gained power when you are independent and self sufficient.

You know that you’ve gained power when you are confident in yourself.

You know that you’ve gained power when you are fulfilled and satisfied with your life.

Gaining power doesn’t mean ruling the world and riding all over people or being the richest possible person in your field.

No. You ‘gain power’ when you are empowered to be the best you that you could possibly hope to be. When you’re actually pursuing or living your dream. When you love what you do. When you are the best version of yourself. When you are fulfilled and happy.

When you’re working towards your hopes and aspirations in every possible and direct way.

When you don’t let anything hold you back. When you are courageous. When you dare.

When you dream. When you touch lives and give back to the world and to the universe.

You gain power when you are in a certain position of power and also enable others to gain power.

You gain power when you fall and are able to push yourself to get back up on your feet and start all over again.

You gain power when you have the ‘can do’ spirit.

You gain power when you question the status quo, break barriers and become a unique individual.



Ten international speakers that are professionals in fields of interest, are going to help you on your journey to ‘gain power’ at the Extraordinary Women conference 2018.

  1. Mr. Nicolas Bessiere is the Mayor of Gabriac France. He will be discussing – Community support and involvement, and bridging the cultural divide.



2.       Rhonda A. Thompson from the US is the founder of Rose of Sharon transitional living for women – a unique and stalwart organisation that offers refuge, aid, council and hope to abused women and children. She is also an empowerment speaker, advocate and author.

Rhonda is going to be speaking on – How to get back on your feet again, build your life back, becoming focused, empowered and liberated from all forms of abuse and set backs.




3. Walta Brumskine is a Civil engineer. For over a decade Walta has been involved in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure – roads, trails, sidewalks, airports and others in the US and Africa.
Walta has been involved in several key construction projects in Liberia to facilitate the reconstruction of the country post war.

Walta is going to be speaking on – Breaking the status quo – Women working at jobs/achievements we used to think only men could accomplish.



4. Funke Michaels is a marketing communications professional, an alumni of Harvard university, an MIT SLOAN Fellow, and the Founder of ReadAfrica global.

Funke who is representing both Nigerian and Kenya will speaking on –  How to touch lives and impact the world around you by taking up the topic – ‘The mysterious universe.’



5. Rita Ezenwa Okoro is a Nigerian and the founder of the Street Project Foundation Lagos ,a founding partner at Rita Ombvude consult and a Fellow of YALI- the Young African Leaders Initiative (The Mandela Washington Fellowship).

Rita will be taking on the topic – ‘Extraordinary entrepreneurs – doing what you love.’



6. Thelma Obaze is the assistant manager of programmes at the NTA headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria. She has presented and produced more than ten programmes, anchored ENT programmes, personality profile styled programmes, breakfast shows, exercise programmes and documentaries for the past 14 years.

Thelma will be speaking on –  ‘A life worth living’ – The fun side of life, living life to the fullest, taking breaks, the importance of leisure time and travels and exercise in order to maintain a healthy balance.



7. Agbons Igwe is the CEO of Ziza digital – a leading digital marketing company in Lagos that profers communication, multimedia and social networking solutions to growing businesses.

Agbons will be speaking on – Becoming an extraordinary brand and she will be divulging business success secrets that stand unique businesses out from the crowd.


8. Aduke Onofowokan is the CEO of the thriving Sister Sister network in the UK. A network of women from diverse cultures and backgrounds in order to discuss ideas that facilitate individual development and collective empowerment.
Aduke also owns Thrive Consulting Limited – A project management consultancy in the UK.

Aduke will be speaking on – Empowering future generations of extraordinary women and the importance of supporting and empowering each other and networking.


9. Ify Ezinwa – Ify Ezinwa is the CEO of echoes – a US based African magazine that profiles African governments, political leaders and social interactions. Echoes magazine is an off shoot of the Echoes TV programme that Ify – who is also a seasoned Tv producer – used to produce.

Ify will be the voice of the topic –  ‘Establishing a business. Start small, go big. Don’t be afraid of sharks.’



10. Queen Djhallul is a former Hotelier and currently a guidance counsellor with over 10 years of experience. She completed her first training of skilled helper counselling in 2007 and has been mentoring women since then.

Queen will be taking up the topic ‘Woman know thy worth.’ A topic that will address – females with low self-esteem and low confidence levels – Men and other social relationships across genders.




































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