THE VISIT (a Nollywood movie review)

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Femi Jacob – as Chidi

Femi Jacob fit the smooth, quiet, long suffering in silence husband role to a tee. In fact his acting is so believable that one would find it hard to believe he isn’t that same type of person in real life.

Nse-Nkpe Etim – as Ajiri

Ajiri was feisty and sassy but I must admit I’ve seen her act better in other movies – for instance – the remarkable ‘Phone swap.’

Bhaira Mcknwizu – as Eugenia

Eugenia is one of my favourite characters in this movie – in fact, the entire theme of the movie is anchored on her strong character and it leaves the viewers hungry for more.

Blossom Chukwujekwu – as Lanre

I take my hat off to Blossom for his acting in this role. He slipped snugly into Lanre’s shoes as if they were his very own. His gestures, his body language and every little move he made was with ease and worthy of a praise on an international scale. While watching ‘The visit’ I sincerely believed I was observing the real spirit of Lanre and Blossom was no where near in sight at all.



A very captivating story line is obvious at the beginning; A hoity toity. prim and proper Bree Vanderkamp-like wife with a husband to match are living in the same duplex as a totally opposite minded rowdy and uncultured couple who live upstairs. The prim couple clearly cannot stand the uncultured couples’ loud, obnoxious and contumacious shenanigans and it’s obvious that it’s just a matter of time before these two odd couples clash.

The intro scenes build up viewer anticipation for an explosive falling out (movie climax)to come.


Between Ajiri and Lanre, their playful and sometimes rough banter flowed smoothly and believably.


The toilet scene was innovative and ‘real.’



*A poorly executed movie climax.

*Some awkwardness in the sex scenes especially the one involving the out-door escapade atop the car.

*The ‘prim’ husband watching the ‘uncultured couple’ make out and enjoying it for so long without his prim and proper wife scolding him in her usual fashion.

*The exaggerated graffiti on the walls of the ‘uncultured couple’s’ home is a sample of a slightly over emphasised ‘rough character’ of the ‘uncultured couple.’

*Way too much emphasis was laid on the fact that the ‘uncultured couple’ smoked weed all day long.




It got so bad so fast. The good story line, great acting and sexy scenes couldn’t even save this movie as it took a surprising and sudden nose dive, crashing and burning into story telling chaos within minutes of the two couples meeting and sitting down together to hash out their problems.

The manner in which the clumsy dialogues are henceforth played out are nothing short of nonsensical.

It was almost as if the actors and directors were suddenly tired and eager to wrap it all up real quick.

Alas we start to perceive that the initial storyline was deceptive because it captivated viewers into thinking that this movie was going somewhere when in actual fact it was not.



This movie truly broke my heart. Why? Because it started off so well and the cast are all brilliant actors and actresses.

It makes you expect a lot.

It hurts because it could have been so good. There was a healthy movie plot, good actors, great cinematography and then the climax ruined it all by becoming an anti-climax.

I had such high hopes for this movie and feel somewhat cheated. If I had paid to watch it in a cinema and not on Netflix I would have asked for my money back…or for my pound of flesh.

It’s as if the script writer was excited at the beginning of the story and then lost interest some where down the line. Perhaps he was dangled another banana mid script.

I had to wash my eyes out of this cinematographic crime by going on to watch something else that was much less of an eye sore in order to rid myself of the memory of the heartbreak.

I’m not going to relive each disappointing scene that this movie spiralled down into, but I will recount a few unrealistic (to put it mildly) scenes that totally killed it:

  1. Mid movie the couples’ were at each other’s throats one minute and the next they were having heart to heart conversations with each other…and then  boom, just like that, Ajire was suddenly part of the family….in fact she became so comfortable in a home she was entering for the first time that she thought she had the right to walk into any room she felt like. (I had to rewind that part to see if had missed something)
  2. The scene where Ajiri implied that Eugenia had been hiding secrets from her husband and when Eugenia revealed that Ajiri had a secret lover (after some supposedly heartfelt female bonding in the ladies room)

From here onwards all the next few revelations and conversations were totally inappropriate, awkward (for a lack of better adjectives) and ran too deep for a couple that had practically just met.



  • The end of the movie leaves viewers hanging and not in that feel good way that the director of the movie ‘Inception’ was able to achieve. Instead viewers were left wondering several things like ‘how did we get here?’ ‘what’s the moral of the story again?’, ‘so are they all best friends now or what?’ and ‘Why am I still watching this?’
  • For those who thought this movie was going to be the Nigerian answer to Hollywood’s ‘Home sweet hell’ with Katherine Heigl, it ended quite badly didn’t it?

I can’t imagine what the director was thinking of if she looked at the final edit and gave it a thumbs up. In the future think of what Siskel and Ebert would say. How can you invest so much in something so meaningless?

So it begs the question: Why would such good actors and actresses agree to act in a half baked movie imbued in such a disappointing and deceptive story line?

The apparent and gradual disintegration of this movie makes one believe that the actors were just there for the money; to get paid and to get out without regard for what taint such a disappointing movie roll might have on the future of their professional acting careers, never minding the fact that quite a number of former highly sought after Hollywood actors and actresses forever damaged their music career this very way.

A note to all the good Nigerian actors\actresses out there: Nigerians and Africa as a whole are rooting for you and they deserve better.

You are the ones they were looking up to to change the Nollywood movie scene for the better and each bad movie choice you make now Is not only walking all over that dream, but it’s also killing your acting credibility. To be quite frank I’d rather watch the poorer production quality old Nollywood movies with better story lines than these new flashy ones with parched and flat stories.

You see, there’s just something obscene about how much money is spent on something that is capable of making your stomach turn.



Starring: Nse Ikpe-Etim, Femi Jacobs, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Bairah McNwizu,

Director: Oyefunke Fayoyin

Genres: International Films, dramas. Independent Films





2 thoughts on “THE VISIT (a Nollywood movie review)

  1. I felt so disappointed that I had to browse online to see what others thought of the movie. Great actors but mumble jumbled narrative; it’s very tiring that you can’t relate with the tale. The interjection with pidgin didn’t blend well for me, again it was forced ‘wafi’. It really was an anti climax that just hung from the first quarter of the film to the end.


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