Omar Sy wins France’s personality of the year award. Again…


I’ve been watching Sy’s movies since I came to france and I have to admit he is probably the one French actor I love watching the most.

He is definitely my favourite and clearly the rest of France share the same sentiments!

Sy appears to be the nations favourite as he was voted France’s favourite personality for the 2nd year running a few weeks ago and he certainly deserves it.

If you still don’t know who Omar Sy is, you’re missing out big time on a very well rounded, intense and effortlessly charismatic actor to watch.

If you have the opportunity don’t hesitate to watch some of his movies. You won’t be disappointed.



Here are a few of Sy’s movies to look out for:

*The intouchables (for which he won a Caesar award in 2012)

*X men days of future past

*Jurassic world

*Angry birds (Red)



Sy started from humble beginnings along with 8 siblings. His father was a Senegalese ‘ouvrier’ labourer, and his mother was a cleaner from Mauritious.

In 1962 his father came to France to make some money and go back to Senegal to open a boutiwue but he ended up staying here.

Omar started his career in radio as a presenter and then moved on to host a show with Fred Testot called the ‘Omar and Fred comedy show.

The rest of the story as we know it is history.



Congratulations Omar!




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