Why we love Tracy Ellis Ross


She could be your fun quirky best friend. And what could be better than that?

She could also be funny, sexy, sassy, mean or classy.




Oh but it gets better!

Tracy is loads of fun, down to earth, loves to laugh. Is jovial and happy go lucky. Has nothing superficial going on. She’s all heart and never puts on airs even though she can be serious when she needs to be.

She’s real, solid, earthy, funny, multi-talented…and she’s Diana Ross’s daughters.

How many kids raised by superstars are that down to earth, simple and ‘normal’ these days?

Tracy makes us laugh.  She was the glue that bound all the ‘fly girls’ we loved to watch so much in the hit comedy series called ‘Girlfriends’. There’s nothing airy fairy about her.


Then she moved on to ‘Reed between the lines’ where she out did herself yet again as the mother and wife of Malcolm Jamal Warner and  then she completely blew us away in her most recent comedy role as Rainbow Johnson in ‘Blackish.’ She keeps coming back to the screen and she keeps getting better.

All of us Tracy Ellis Ross fans are just so happy that she has finally received the recognition she so much deserves as a talented actress who has remained true to her acting vocation and for so many years, never giving up, and always re inventing herself.

And did we also mention that she’s Diana Ross’s daughter?


You see most of us Tracy Ellis Ross fans are also huge fans of Diana Ross and that by no means means that we fell in love with her because of her mother, oh no.

Reverse is the case. We fell in love with Diana Ross all over again because of her amazing actress daughter who continued to shine the entertainment light on the world just as her mother did before her, but now in her own unique and special way.

This is the reason why we love Tracy Ellis Ross.

Congrats on your Golden globe win Trace and for your fabulous compere skills at the AMAS.

And did we also mention that she’s Diana Ross’s daughter?




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