What to expect when planning for a wedding.






*Contingency\Back up plans

Let me just burst your bubble straight up.

I’ve never heard of a wedding where a couple of problems didn’t arise. If you have only one or two problems, count yourself lucky.

If you expect things to run smoothly; for your party favours to arrive on time, for your friends to come through for you, for your event planners to have no hiccups, you’re going to have a very disappointing wedding. Weddings are very stressful times and you don’t want to add this pressure to your fledgling shoulders.

Let’s get things straight. Certain things will go wrong. Will go very very wrong. What’s key is to always have a contingency or back up plan and always plan many months or even a year in advance.

If you are importing party favours, dress, or suit for example from another country or city then order them at least 5-6 months ahead of time before the set wedding date because if they arrive even a day later than your wedding then that’s money and effort thrown down the drain. Not to mention very disgruntled guests.

If two weeks to a month to your wedding you don’t already have everything necessary for your wedding, then make a plan B.

Back up, back up back up BACK UP PLANS. I cannot stress this loud enough.

And NEVER. NEVER NEVER accept any instrumental wedding item to arrive on the day of your wedding by any supplier. Not even on the day before. If it fails to arrive on time it will leave you running helter skelter completely disorganised.




*The key word here is be prepared.

Tell your guests; Brides maids, wedding participants and others, exactly what you expect from them in detail AND as soon as your IV is out. Most of them will probably not listen anyway but the few who care will and it will make a difference.

Don’t put people in charge of key management areas of your wedding just because they are family or best friends. Sometimes its those closest to you that make the worst brides maids or best man speeches. Make your selection based on each participants capabilities or strengths in order to avoid disasters.

For example, if your best man is terrible at making speeches, then let someone who is good at speeches make the main speech.

If your best friend is a clumsy disorganised klutz you’d be better off making someone else the chief brides maid even if she’s not your most bosom buddy in the world.

Please put the best dancers and most unreserved pals on your bridal train if you want to put on a good, vibrant dance entrance at your wedding.

At my wedding our dance steps were not choregraphed at all, but because of the spunky lively selection of pals on my dance train, the performance came off looking as if we had rehearsed it when we hadn’t at all. Not even one little step.



*Bunji jumping wedding? Parachute? Helicopters? Destination? Red dress, green dress? It’s up to you.

With regards to wedding themes, venues and colours, people are increasingly breaking away from the traditional wedding practices and themes. Brides and grooms want wedding experiences that actually depict and reflect who they really are and what they hold dear to their hearts. And if that means having a totally goth, halloween or bohemian beach wedding theme, then so be it!

Your wedding day is the only day when you can do what you want and have a special time with it for the start of the rest of your married lives and i assume that you’ll want it to be a day that you look back on with nostalgia and pride not one filled with regret or what if’s.

Be assertive and single minded about the kind of day you’d like your wedding to be regardless of people’s reservations or misgivings because if the bride and groom are ultimately happy, then naturally so will everyone else be; happy bride and groom – happy wedding.



Take the planning seriously yes, but don’t take anything except for the joy and love that you feel on that day too seriously.

At this point youv’e done all the prepping you can and it’s too late for you to change much about the course of events on the wedding day anyway.

If a hiccup occurs somewhere along the line, take a deep breath and remember that it’s better to have pictures of your wedding where you are laughing and happy rather than pictures of you scowling, angry, sad or arguing.

Trust me when you look back on that day years later, you’ll be glad you didn’t carry a chip on your shoulder.

Trust your trusted family members and friends or party planner to deal with any hiccup that might arise along the way and just go with the flow.



*And share your ideas and expectations with him in detail.

A masterful compere can avert almost any crisis that might befall a wedding. He is the maker and shaker of the entire show. He must reflect the theme and the kind of couple you are. He is the leader and the guests are his sheep. And so are YOU the bride and groom.

Once he sets the ball and the pace rolling, every one must dance.

With this in mind, choose your MC carefully and don’t leave anything to chance.

Nekita ink wishes you a very special, vibrant, and extraordinary wedding!



*This should not be your business or family and friends business’.

Please leave the food preparations to a paid and professional caterer and not to family or friends who are waiting to share food according to wealth or a person’s familiarity to them. There’s nothing worse than scarce food or partial food service at any wedding. It turns it into a classless market square.

Employ caterers who will give an equal and the same amount or plate options of food to each and every wedding guest.

Please treat every guest with the same amount of respect as every other person attending your wedding.



*Why not? It’s convenient.

The reason why more and more couples are turning to this is because it’s so convenient in terms of conveying messages or information to the prospective wedding guests.

My wedding blogsite for example contained every piece of information that all our guests needed from the dress codes to the timetable event details to the address and map of the location of the wedding.

This was so helpful that one of our guests who got lost on his way to the wedding told us he was able to find the venue again by logging unto the site and following the map we’d put in place there.

Another fantastic use of a wedding blog site is to post wedding pictures for guests to peruse and download from post wedding.





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