THE WEDDING PARTY- A movie review



I genuinely like this movie – one of the reasons being that if you live abroad like I do and you want to describe the Nigerian love for weddings, beautiful traditions, music and culture – then watching this movie is a great place to start.

One only has to watch ‘The wedding’ to be thrown into the vibrant, colourful and flamboyant Nigerian life style. The movie is rich in colour, wardrobe choices, and lends a very endearing peek into the Nigerian festive spirit.

The cinematography is standard.

The conflict between families, in-laws, girlfriends, and exes is captured ever so aptly and most of the actors really brought this aspect to life with special accolades to Sola Sobowale, Ireti Doyle, Ali Baba and Richard Mofe Damijo for outstanding performances. I believe they were at their best in this movie.



It was disappointing to find the lead actors who had received so much acclaim in Nigeria for being world class performers – struggling to fit into their roles.

The two love birds – Dunie and Dozie acted by Adesua Etomi and Banky W left a lot to be desired with their weak, average, unexciting and not very believable acting. If not for the fore mentioned actors and actresses whose performances were outstanding the movie would definitely have flopped.

Daniella Down’s acting was also very bland and I cringe to imagine what part two of this movie will be like with Daniella playing one of the lead characters.



*The movie almost came apart at the end. The armed robber hold up scene was a struggle.

*Some actors were over acting – thus making a caricature of their roles – for instance – Ikechukwu and the ‘overly distraught wedding planner.’

*The movie seems like a Nigerian spin off of J.Lo’s Wedding planner movie – especially the ‘distraught wedding planner’ bit.



It’s basically a good ole heart warming Nigerian movie and that’s never a bad thing.

Over all the Wedding is not a bad movie to watch if you have an open mind, some spare time for some laughs, and if you can over look a few misgivings.





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