1922 – movie review.


Simple. Real. Down to earth. (Pun intended)

Another Netflix marvel released in October 20th of last year 2017.

This movie is so good. The story telling, theme, the cinematography, the characters/actors are all so darn good that I’m awash with emotion just writing about it.

The movie which is basically set in one place – in the house and land of a nasty piece of work named Wilfred James – is proof that one need not apply too many aesthetics or props in order to produce a captivating movie.

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The plot and the theme are so deep and intense that it draws you in, sweeping you off your feet almost immediately and you get lost in this world that is 1922.

You really believe this world is real and that the events are taking place. You actually have to pinch yourself to remember it isn’t.

That’s as good as it gets.

It is rare to get a novel translated or brought to life so well in cinema. I take my hat off to both Stephen King and Zak Hilditch.

They’ve done it again. Another Stephen King movie raised from the dead with the aptitude of ‘Shawshank and ‘The green mile.’

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Thomas Jane’s acting was impeccable. He embedded the character of Wilfred James like a custom made glove. His performance is uplifting and ‘other worldly’ to watch.

The southern accent on Wilfred James played by Thomas Jane – Oh my. It’s real.

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Wilfred’s wife – Arlette played by Molly Parker was another magic fit. She transformed from a stone cold heartless but classy politician bitch in ‘House of cards’ to this half crazy half ambitious, dreamy and clueless country gal who couldn’t wait to get away from her vile husband and the hardened, dry, country.

The son –  Henry (Dylan Schmid) was as confused, bumbling, illiterate and daft as any country bumpkin can get.

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And every other friggin’ character no matter how big or small served to enhance this magical movie even more.

The story is one of dirt and decadence of the mind, body and soul.

1922 is about how greed and selfishness eat at the spirit and leave just an empty carcass of a living yet lifeless being behind to live life.

It’s about evil deeds that come back to haunt and cut the heart into little pieces bit by bit until it bleeds so much that the pain doesn’t even matter any more.

It’s about karma.

It’s all about that one, simple, cryptic statement that Wilfred makes at the end of the movie…with that horror stricken look on his face that’s dripping in its own dirty sweat. ‘In the end we all get caught.’

Whether it’s real or all in our heads, or even after death. We all get caught.

It leaves you shaken and shuddering with this heart felt punch line that is the beautiful cliche to all of Stephen King works of art.



There is absolutely nothing bad about this movie. Everything single detail is on point.



Needless to say there is nothing ugly about this movie save for the ugly decay and stench of the evil characters that actually lend even more credibility to the perfection that is this movie production.

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