Bright was released just before the dawn of Christmas and the new year – December 22 on Netflix. I was eagerly anticipating it and I really wasn’t disappointed.

Bright has an amazing cast of seasoned actors – Will Smith, Nick Jackoby, Noomy Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Ike Baronholtz and others.

The story is quite catchy, unique, stimulating and interesting.

The dialogue, intrigues and chemistry between Scott Ward (Will Smith) and his partner Nick Jackoby (Joel Edgerton) are remarkable.

The Orcs look like Orcs, the elves look like elves…and that’s a compliment.

The idea of building a world that is so diversified in it’s inhabitants has been done before. We see such themes in block busters like Star wars and Lord of the rings, and yet we want to see more. Bright gives us some hope for more of that set on a platter of ‘mythical creatures all living and working together in harmony’ all meshed in a relatable modern/futuristic era. This harmonious ensemble is not without its hiccups though. All races must learn to forgive each other for what their ancestors did to one another in the past and they also need to over come a few trust issues and misgivings that are imbedded in the depths of their psyche along with the old wounds.


The movie setting was repetitive and limited thereby giving the movie a ‘cheap’ look and feel. Surely viewers would have loved to see more of this alternate world and the scope of how people live there. There is so much more that this exciting fantasy theme could have brought forth and explored.

We would have also loved to see or hear more explanations of how the world evolved to be what it is and from whence the varied species came and what their individual histories are like.

The movie title is bright and this theme revolves around the elves and the special Bright’s among them and yet we don’t know much about their history or how the Bright’s came about.

We also wish we could have seen more of some amazing characters in Bright such as ‘Kandomere’ who turned out not to have as deep a role as I had anticipated.


The end was too easy and predictable.

I expected more and a more unpredictable twist.

There is nothing truly ugly about this movie. We just want more of it. We want more stories, more histories, more explanations, more cleverly and better thought out intrigue. All of which could have made Bright brighter and truly capture the essence that I’m sure the brilliant writer ‘Max Landis’ had dreamed of in the first place.




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