The face of Extraordinary Women 2018

581792_4869791223146_1142159190_nSHEETAL KOTAK STRONG


Sheetal Strong Kotak was able to turn a life and death situation around by 360 degrees.

From coming close to death when she almost died of anorexia and from the depression and emotional trauma of the passing of her brother – she was able to pick herself up and reinvent herself.

To anyone who has ever lost a loved one, to anyone who has been down in despair, frustration, or depression – Sheetal is a living representation of how you can bounce back up, find your feet, start all over again, rise to the top and gain power even after a fall.

Sheetal rose up and decided to get Strong. She turned her tragedies into a positive and awe inspiring success story. She built herself up and became a body building champion in the face of the negative criticism and backlash most female body builders receive in most societies.

Today Sheetal Strong Kotak stands strong as the current body building champ of Kenya, and that is just one of her many awards.

Today Sheetal has won several bodybuilding competitions, which include:

Musclemania Africa – Uganda 2013 Bikini 1st place

Musclemania Africa – Uganda 2013 Figure 1st place

Musclemania Africa – Kenya 2014 Overall winner

Musclemania Africa 2014 Figure – 1st place

Ms. Nairobi 2015 Figure – 1st place

Ms. Kenya 2015 Figure – 1st place

Musclemania Africa 2015 – Figure 1st place

Ms. Modern Fitness 2015 – Figure 1st place

Ms. Kenya 2016 Figure-2nd place

WBFF S.A. 2016 – Diva Fitness 35 plus – 1st Runners’ Up World, Beauty, Fitness & Fashion

Ms. Kenya 2017-Just placed 1st on 1st July 2017!

Sheetal is the Ambassador for a US based Clothing apparel called BEFIT-

‘She is soon to be be competing with the International Federation on Bodybuilding – which has many shows across the world happening almost every month – in 2018.

She will be the first figure athlete from Kenya in IFBB and is  currently under the wings of renowned Olympian US-based Coach, Zoa Lynsey-

Sheetal is also the Head of Tendering, Imports and Logistics at a private company.

And now – Sheetal Strong Kotak is the winner of this year’s extraordinary women’s awards.

But most importantly, what Sheetal is – is a perfect source of inspiration and motivation for women and even men alike all over the world.

Sheetal not only overcame the darkest moments in her life but she actually allowed those moments to make her much stronger and I don’t just mean that physically.

Sheetal has achieved what not many do in a lifetime – absolute discipline, endurance, perseverance, regeneration, consistency, excellence and distinction in a vocation less trod by women.

She is a breath of fresh air to all. You CAN live your dream. You CAN be who you want.

You can be STRONG.


To read more about Sheetal visit –





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