Don’t spill the tea (book review)


Don’t spill the tea

Reading don’t spill the tea is a transformative experience in itself that most readers can relate to in one situation or the other.

It is the story of a little clueless girl who went through so much trauma and trials but who just like a butterfly emerged more refined, beautiful, ready to fly and turned into a mature and amazing young woman who decided to turn her negative life experiences into a tool for helping others while strengthening and empowering herself in the process.

It’s a very emotional story of childhood hurt, abuse, misdemeanour and eventual forgiveness not just for the perpetrators but also forgiving herself.

Rhonda Thompson takes the story a step further with very useful life changing motivational tips to inspire the readers.

It would take a whole lot not to be inspired by this book.

Every page is riveting and the book is difficult to put down once you start it.

Rhonda’s clear and easy on the eyes writing style makes the story all the more enjoyable to read.

If you have ever been seriously hurt by a loved one to the point of no return and no forgiveness, this book will encourage you to have a rethink.

If you have ever been abused and fallen off the path to the point where you feel you can never restore yourself to grace and transform your life to the great life experience it was meant to be, this book will nourish your soul, urging it to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and up to the peak of your intrinsic capabilities.

Don’t spill the tea brings hope to the hopeless, and a way out for those who feel trapped.

And that is one of the most beautiful gifts a lost soul can receive in this life.


If you would like to know more about the author of “Don’t spill the tea” – Rhonda Thompson – follow this link to read her inspiring interview on this blog –

Don’t spill the tea is available on Amazon as an e-book or hard copy.





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