Messages of hate flourish on Instagram – so sad.


What is the world coming to when people think it’s okay to abuse each other and send random hate messages to people they don’t even know? This is another form of bullying – cyber bullying. It’s just as bad as the bullying out in the streets or at schools.

What makes you feel you have the right to tell a person what and what not to post on social media?

In this day and age of democracy?

The young lady in the above picture has been receiving loads of hate messages and harsh criticism ever since she posted that photo on her Instagram page. She has also received some messages of support but the messages of hate are very disturbing.

What I find the most disturbing is the way people think it’s okay to laugh at her make fun of her and abuse her. How is all that negativity okay?

It starts off by a few people making fun of Instagram famous people for going out of their way to take phony pictures.

And then it spirals into something quite hateful and cult like.

Now people feel the need to attack Insta famous people more and more in order to ‘put them in their place.’ Without realising how hateful, evil, jealous and paranoid they’re beginning to sound.

Yes it’s true, some Instagram accounts look so fake, contrived, tired, or overdone that it could make you nauseous or even question a person’s priorities and lifestyle.

Yes it’s true that a lot of Instagram famous people are going around lording it over as if they are divas or superstars.

Yes it’s true that Instagram has a lot of fake people/accounts in it and the Instagram management are doing nothing to curb a lot of what’s wrong with it – the fake bots, the paying for fake followers, fame, fake likes, etc

Yes there are a lot of wrong things going on on Instagram but all you’re doing is adding to it when you continually spew hate.

As long as a person is doing nothing illegal or immoral, whatever they choose to post on their Instagram wall/social media wall is entirely their business and not YOURS.

If you strongly dislike a persons post here are some very interesting things you can do:

  1. Unfollow the person.
  2. Block the person.
  3. Get off the person’s page.

Trust me if you try any of these 3 pointers you’ll never have to see any of the persons photos again. (and they won’t even notice) It’s so simple.

This innocent young girl (@harimaolee)in a bid to create an artistic photo placed some fairy lights on her blanky while she was seated in business class. So what?

Her photo is harmless and doesn’t take any pennies out of your pocket.

She thought it might be artistic – that’s her opinion that she’s entitled to. If you take a close look at her Instagram wall she posts very artistic photos generally.

And isn’t that what Instagram is all about? A place where you can post whichever photos you wish?

A lot of people on Instagram are photoshop pros and include a lot of effects and enhancements to their photos, (in order to sell their products or services or just in order to have some fun, or to create something exceptional and beautiful) so I’m struggling to understand why a few people are singled out and bashed?

Instagram is like your personal social media album.

Does anyone tell you what type of photos to put into your home albums? Or how to pose in them? Or not to put fairy lights in them? Or where or where not to snap a photo or how to smile? Who makes the law on what is even a fake photo or not? Are you the fake photo police?

Here are a few of the hate messages this lady received so far – ‘You xxxx idiot!’ ‘WTF poor Instagram.’ ‘Ridiculous’ ‘So stupid.’ “Your stupid little brain.’ ‘Clearly you’ve never been on first class.’ ‘Your stupid instafame.’ Some of the hate messages are so vile that I had to edit them.

Some people scorn her about how she sat at the wrong end of the seat. If this lady paid for her ticket then I think she is entitled to sit on which ever end of the seat she felt like -at least to get a certain desired effect in her snap shot. And if the cabin crew allowed her to do it, then who are you?

How can you be so casually hateful and hurtful to someone you have never met before?

She could be a good person. She could be a humanitarian. She could be taking care of her family with the business she makes off of her Instagram page.

She could be someone’s loving daughter, sister, mother.

Tearing people down does not in any way build you up.

I have to spread this message. All this hate is so not cool.

Please spread the message too.



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