HI, I’m Nekita, President of Association Nekita ink, a writer, copywriter and entrepreneur living and working in France.

As a TCK, I’ve lived and studied in various countries and several continents and I speak a bit of everything.

I worked in the advertising industry for 12 years and over the years I also worked as a freelance editor for several magazines and publications.

My most recent projects are the birthing of Association Nekita ink – a non-profit organisation that serves as a proponent to ‘Extraordinary Women’, and the establishment of a fashion consultancy unit.

I aspire to include my readers in my unending stream of endeavours, life and business discoveries in order to uplift, motivate create awareness and to inspire.

There’s always a whole lot to share. Enjoy!

If you’d like to know more you can visit the links below: Pen me at – nekitaink@yahoo.com OR visit OUR WEBSITE – http://www.nekita-ink.com OR  OUR FASHION SITE http://www.verypinkthings.com OR http://www.nt-hotels.com







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